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Trololo Meets Metal In this Head-Banging Cover [VIDEO]

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Holding Hands With Strangers Is Not as Creepy as It Sounds [VIDEO]
Apple Introduces 'Radical' MacBook Pro in New Ad [VIDEO]
iPhone Lifts Off, Plays Video in Space

Trololo Meets Metal In this Head-Banging Cover [VIDEO]
10:26:22 PMChristine Erickson
In response to Eduard Khil's recent passing, Internet users have found creative ways of showing their appreciation for Mr.Trololo's memetastic song. SEE ALSO: Watch This Drummer Tear Through Pop Music History [VIDEO] Guitarist Eric Calderone...

Vending Machine Makes a Fresh Pizza in 2 Minutes [VIDEO]
8:17:33 PMPSFK
Ever really want a freshly baked pizza but don't have more than a few minutes to get one? A1 Concepts is distributing an Italian-made vending machine that can bake a whole pizza in two and a half minutes. After the concept's initial success in...

What Would You Do With a Real-Life Portal Gun? [VIDEO]
6:59:34 PMChelsea Stark
Say you and your friends got yourselves a handheld portal device (from the Portal video game franchise). How would you use it? Filmmaker Jason Craft explored this scenario by making his own Portal fan video. While it's been attempted in the past,...

Twitter's Expanded Tweets Now Show More Interactive Content
6:24:50 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Twitter updated its "expanded tweets" feature on Wednesday, allowing users to see more interactive content -- such as news stories, video galleries and audio clips -- inside tweets via a desktop or mobile browser. For example, when people expand...

MGM Films Coming to Amazon's Streaming Video Service
5:18:14 PMLauren Indvik
Amazon's catalog of online streaming videos keeps growing. On Wednesday, the company announced a licensing agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) Studios. Subscribers to Amazon's $79-per-year Prime service will now have access to "hundreds" of...

'Obama Boy' Has a Crush on the President [VIDEO]
5:06:25 PMAlex Fitzpatrick
Election Day isn't until November, but it looks like President Obama's got at least one confirmed vote -- Obama Boy, the truly supportive musical artist who put together this hysterical video. In the video, a riff on 2007's "Obama Girl," Obama...

Why Would Anyone Go Through Y Combinator Twice? [VIDEO]
1:46:06 PMJesse Draper
Y Combinator is known as the ultimate startup program. Many companies have used the incubator as a launchpad to success, which is why when Michael Seibel, the former co-founder and CEO of Justin.tv, broke off to start Socialcam, he went back to Y...

Meet Hovercat, The Levitating Adopted Feline [VIDEO]
1:28:03 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
A levitating cat. A loving pet owner. Dubstep music. Does that combination make you want to adopt a cat? The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sure hopes so because those are the ingredients for its marketing...

Stephen Colbert Wants to Take Over @Sweden [VIDEO]
11:52:26 AMTodd Wasserman
Now that his presidential aspirations have been set aside, Stephen Colbert has a new mission: Seeking control of Sweden's official Twitter account. In the video above, Colbert seeks to rally his troops to help him in his quest. Colbert makes a...

Holding Hands With Strangers Is Not as Creepy as It Sounds [VIDEO]
9:43:39 AMLance Ulanoff
Imagine walking up alongside a stranger and casually holding hands, just reaching out gently and grabbing those swinging digits. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Someone is sure to get punched or arrested. The YouTube video troupe Losing...

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