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Stream Bonnaroo Live on YouTube All Weekend

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Thursday, June 07, 2012
Revolutionary Paper Scanner Folds Flat, Costs $15 on Kickstarter
Diet Glasses Fool You Into Eating Less [VIDEO]
Students Combine Pac-Man, Double Rainbows in Elaborate Coke-Pouring Contraption

Stream Bonnaroo Live on YouTube All Weekend
11:42:34 PMTodd Olmstead
Unable to make it to Tennessee this weekend? Or perhaps the idea of camping out in sticky 80-degree heat isn't your thing? YouTube has got you covered by bringing Bonnaroo to you. The video platform has partnered with the music festival as part...

'The Wire: The Musical' Brings Showtunes to the Streets of Baltimore [VIDEO]
10:01:08 PMMarc Georges
Fans of David Simon's HBO masterpiece The Wire have seen Michael Kenneth Williams's Omar Little do everything from evading drug dealers, smacking down lawyers and surviving a drop from a four-story building. Up next for Kenneth and the cast?...

YouTube, Netflix, Facebook Help Double IPv6 Traffic Overnight
7:15:03 PMPete Pachal
Was World IPv6 Day successful? The effort to prod Internet companies to adopt the newer, beefier IP-address system garnered a lot of attention, but it's still up to companies whether or not to update their systems to the new standard. Still,...

Posterized! YouTube's 12 Most Epic NBA Dunks
4:33:42 PMSam Laird
Few moves in sports are as awe-inspiring as a well-executed slam dunk. And on the spectrum of slam, nothing compares to the posterizing variety. Unfamiliar with the term? To "posterize" a defender is to dunk over him so viciously and in such...

Artist Sculpts Mark Zuckerberg's Face Out of Books [VIDEO]
4:09:17 PMTecca
Yi Hong -- the Malaysian artist who can paint using nothing but a coffee cup -- proved she's as pun-loving as she is creative by sculpting Mark Zuckerberg's face out of books. (Get it?) Hong, who lives in China, spent time in the U.S. in May and...

Mister Rogers Remix Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy [VIDEO]
3:04:01 PMChristina Warren
On its YouTube channel, PBS Digital Studios has posted a fantastic remix that will delight fans of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Created in conjunction with John D. Boswell, AKA melodysheep, the remix helps perfectly capture the major lessons from...

Demo Day Could Make or Break These Startups
2:44:13 PMMashable Video
In the last episode of TechStars, we watched as the first round of startups faced a room full of investors and journalists at Demo Day. In this episode, we'll see if the rest of the TechStars class has what it takes to land the money they need to...

The Proof That We Are Soulmates [VIDEO]
12:21:06 PMStephanie Buck
You may remember a few months back when Mashable gladly helped a young man ask his girlfriend if she would spend the rest of her life with him. The "Stacy Green, Will You Marry Me?" infographic was a huge hit with readers, earning over 11,000...

'Wreck-It Ralph:' When Video Game Baddies Go Good [VIDEO]
10:40:58 AMStan Schroeder
Disney has unveiled the first trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, an upcoming 3D animated film featuring John C. Reilly. The movie revolves around Wreck-It Ralph, an 8-bit game villain who gets bored with constantly being the bad guy and decides to...

Revolutionary Paper Scanner Folds Flat, Costs $15 on Kickstarter
5:17:45 AMJoann Pan
This portable smartphone-enabled scanner is on the verge of changing how we work. The Scanbox on Kickstarter is a foldable scanner that's easy to put together and snaps in place with magnetic buttons. The scanner, made from a high-quality...

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