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Startup Connects Travelers With Locals in 15,000 Cities Worldwide

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Monday, June 18, 2012
14 Powerful Images From Afghanistan's First iPhone Photo Exhibit
Microsoft Is Winning Over Developers for Windows Phone [STUDY]
You and Bieber Together at Last, With Augmented Reality App

Startup Connects Travelers With Locals in 15,000 Cities Worldwide
7:02:05 PMJoann Pan
The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Name: Tripping Quick Pitch: Tripping is a...

Microsoft's Surface Tablet RT: How it Compares to the iPad
6:52:10 PMAndrea Smith
Microsoft's newly-announced Surface tablet is powerful enough to replace your PC, but Microsoft execs told press gathered at the launch in Los Angeles that Surface is a reimagining of the tablet. In fact, Surface is both a tablet and a PC, and...

4% of People Have Used Their iPhone While Having Sex [STUDY]
5:45:16 PMKate Freeman
Which would you rather give up for a weekend -- sex or your iPhone? 15% of respondents to one study said they would choose a romance-free weekend rather than go without their beloved device. A recent survey conducted by Gazelle.com (the company...

Meet Microsoft Surface's Innovative Keyboard Cases
5:25:19 PMEmily Price
Microsoft announced Surface, its new Windows tablet, at an event on Monday. To go along with it, the company also announced two covers for the tablet that double as a keyboards for the device. Much like Apple's Smart Cover does with the iPad,...

Netflix to Run on Windows 8 with Microsoft's New Surface Tablet
4:07:10 PMKate Freeman
Microsoft announced on Monday its own branded tablet -- the Surface. Versions of the tablet will run on Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT -- and for the first time, Netflix will be running on that yet-to-be-released operating system. The tablet...

Microsoft Unveils Surface Tablet
3:27:29 PMEmily Price
The star of Microsoft's mystery Monday unveiling has been revealed: Surface, a Windows tablet. "It was always clear that what our software could do would require us to push hardware, sometimes where our partners hadn't envisioned," Microsoft CEO...

Never Lose Your Keys Again with Hone for iOS [VIDEO]
2:05:12 PMMarc Georges
They're not on top of the dresser, not in the kitchen, not in the laundry room and and definitely not in your pockets. We've all left the house well on our way to our next destination when the realization hit us: no keys. Now, absent-minded...

What Will Come Out of Microsoft's Mystery Event? Consumers Say a Tablet
12:06:28 PMSamantha Murphy
Although it's still unknown what exactly Microsoft could unveil at its mystery event in Los Angeles on Monday, a recent poll conducted among Mashable readers indicates many are expecting the company to launch a Microsoft-built tablet. Rumors have...

Microsoft Is Winning Over Developers for Windows Phone [STUDY]
11:00:52 AMTodd Wasserman
Hours before Microsoft is set to make its huge, mysterious announcement in Los Angeles, a researcher has delivered some good news for the company: It's having some success wooing developers to Windows Phone. At the moment, Apple and Google don't...

You and Bieber Together at Last, With Augmented Reality App
9:44:47 AMSamantha Murphy
Want your mobile pictures to have extra swag? Now you can superimpose a picture of Justin Bieber into camera phone shots, thanks to augmented reality app Blippar. To help promote his new album "Believe" -- which debuts on Tuesday, June 19 in the...

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