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Play-A-Grill Retainer Plays MP3s From Your Mouth [VIDEO]

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Monday, June 04, 2012
Spider-Cat Defies Gravity [VIDEO]
Top 20 Most-Shared Stories in May
Why Startups Need to Hustle [VIDEO]

Play-A-Grill Retainer Plays MP3s From Your Mouth [VIDEO]
10:27:07 PMSam Laird
Meet the Play-A-Grill. It's the next evolution of both blinged-out mouth-wear and portable music. Here's how the Play-A-Grill works. First, insert the shiny, retainer-like device into your mouth. Then use a wire to connect your portable MP3...

Dead Cat Comes Back to Life as Morbid Helicopter [VIDEO]
9:18:29 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Not all cats have nine lives. Artist Bart Jansen found that out the hard way when a car ran over his pet cat. As a tribute, the Dutch man resurrected the cat, Orville, turning him into an eerie flying helicopter equipped with propellers. He named...

Animation Jokingly Explains the Queen's Diamond 'Ju-beer-lee' [VIDEO]
8:40:46 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Confused about the uproar surrounding Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee? Don't fret. Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese company known for creating funny and sometimes offensive animations that focus on current events, has uploaded a video that...

Odd 'Call Me Maybe' Lip-Dub Stars Donald Trump, Miss USA Contestants [VIDEO]
2:49:28 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo may have nailed the interview-round question written by a Twitter user, helping her secure the Miss USA crown Sunday night. But also nailing down duties was the pageant's marketing team, which created an amusing...

Buddy Media CEO Makes Unforgettable 'We Got Bought' Video
1:11:14 PMLance Ulanoff
Buddy Media is not a brand most consumers would recognize, but in the halls of social media and marketing, it's a king. It connects major brands with their customers throughout all the major social media networks. Now, thanks to a $689 million...

Little Monsters in Indonesia Show Lady Gaga Some Love [VIDEO]
12:42:36 PMJeremy Cabalona
A group of dedicated fans in Jakarta made Lady Gaga cry with their flash mob video protesting the singer's ban from Indonesia. After Lady Gaga announced she was performing her "Born This Way Ball Tour" in Jakarta, her Indonesian fans - or Little...

Viral Video Star 'Mr. Trololo' Dies at 77
10:38:44 AMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Soviet singer Eduard Khil, best known as Internet meme Mr. Trololo from the popular 1976 video in which he belts "I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home," died at age 77 on Monday in Russia. The clip of Khil went viral after it was...

Mashable Weekend Recap: 52 Stories You Might Have Missed
7:34:46 AMCharlie White
As we kicked off the first weekend of the summer season here at Mashable, our posts stayed focused on the hottest social media, technology, viral videos and fascinating finds from the world over. And find we did, with a boatload of new apps...

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