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Older Internet Users Pick Better Passwords Than Teens [STUDY]

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Friday, June 01, 2012
Texting Teen Driver Goes on Trial for Homicide [VIDEO]
Network of Homeless Newspapers Tries QR-Code Digital Edition
Avoid Dirty Beaches With Swim Guide App

Older Internet Users Pick Better Passwords Than Teens [STUDY]
9:56:22 PMSamantha Murphy
Teens and young adults may be considered more tech-savvy than their elders, but when it comes to password security, wisdom comes with age. According to a new study conducted by the University of Cambridge, people over the age of 55 are more...

Skype Set to 'Double Down' on Windows 8
8:13:20 PMLance Ulanoff
True Skype story: When I was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I almost missed seeing the Oscars. I've never missed Hollywood's biggest event, but it was in the middle of the night local time and Spain's idea of a useful telecast was fuzzy...

Pocket-Sized iPhone Accessory Is a Charger and a Tripod [VIDEO]
7:16:50 PMJoann Pan
Inventions on our "why didn't I think of that" list include the pillow with arm hole, solar-powered iPad keyboard, and now the Twig on Kickstarter. The Twig is described by its creator Jason Hilbourne as an "amazing ultra-portable cable for your...

Top 20 Most-Shared Stories in May
5:58:21 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Your share-happy fingers in May found interest in the usual social media and tech suspects (think Facebook, Google, iPhone). But more than ever, Mashable's entertainment and viral news coverage enticed you tell your family, followers and friends...

Texting Teen Driver Goes on Trial for Homicide [VIDEO]
4:42:48 PMJoann Pan
The trial of a teenage driver who crashed into a truck while allegedly texting and driving is underway -- and it could have major implications for future texting-while-driving crimes. On Feb. 20, 2011, Aaron Deveau, then 17, from Haverhill,...

Do You Suffer From These 4 Tech Afflictions?
2:44:31 PMMatt Petronzio
Quick: How many devices do you have on-hand at this very moment? How often have you checked your social media accounts in the last hour? When was the last time you played a video game? The answers to these questions may seem inconsequential, but...

Do E-Reader Owners Read More Books? [INFOGRAPHIC]
1:14:09 PMSamantha Murphy
U.S. consumers with an e-reader or tablet are more likely to read and buy books than those without an e-book compatible tech device, a new infographic suggests. An infographic released by Infographic Labs cites a Pew study finding that those who...

This Photo Uses Every Single Instagram Filter
12:50:14 PMThe Atlantic
How many steps does it take to go from Thomas Kinkade to Mark Rothko? Eighteen, it turns out -- at least if the image you're using is a photo, and the tool you're using is Instagram. The Belgian blog Appelogen decided to find out what would...

5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Improve Your Health
12:22:49 PMEdna Boone
Just a decade ago, if someone had said that Steve Jobs would have a huge effect on how medical professionals administer care, that prediction would have been met with an eye roll. But the reality is people increasingly access healthcare services...

Network of Homeless Newspapers Tries QR-Code Digital Edition
7:03:02 AMJoann Pan
Since 1994, the International Network of Street Papers (INSP) has worked with the homeless to sell locally produced newspapers or magazines as a way for them to earn a decent living. The Glasgow, Scotland-based non-profit helps journalists set up...

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