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How Much Battery Life Do Your Apps Zap? This Tool Will Check

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Friday, June 15, 2012
Is a Microsoft Tablet the Impossible Dream?
First Aid Goes Mobile, With Red Cross App Launch
Wozniak: Siri Was Better Before Apple Bought It

How Much Battery Life Do Your Apps Zap? This Tool Will Check
6:17:03 PMSarah Kessler
A group of UC Berkeley scientists has turned their research about battery life into a handy app that can extend yours. Carat, which is available for iOS and Android, measures your phone's energy use and suggests actions that will make it more...

YouTube Adds Auto Captions in Spanish
4:45:48 PMSamantha Murphy
Want to watch a YouTube video in Spanish, but don't speak the language? The company has rolled out automatic captions in Spanish with the ability to translate the subtitles to about 50 languages, from English and French to Arabic and Afrikaans....

Vizio Dives Into PC Market With Sleek Laptops, All-In-Ones
3:04:29 PMPete Pachal
Vizio just jumped into the PC market in a big way. As it had promised, the TV manufacturer officially launched its line of Windows machines: a laptop, an all-in-one desktop model and an ultra-thin notebook. And they all sport the silver finish...

Facebook Confirms Testing 'Call' Button for Online Video Chats
1:47:55 PMSamantha Murphy
Facebook is reminding users how to make video calls via the social network by testing a "Call" button on member Timeline pages. The button, which was first spotted by TechCrunch, is located next to the "Message" option on Facebook Timeline's...

Will FaceTime Use All Your Monthly Data?
1:16:19 PMGeekSugar
During the WWDC keynote, Apple announced that the Fall launch of iOS 6 will include a major update to FaceTime, the brand's video calling service. The upgrade to the latest operating system will let FaceTime users place calls on their cellular...

Is a Microsoft Tablet the Impossible Dream?
12:31:16 PMLance Ulanoff
In the absence of fact, rumor rushes in. So as we sit here counting down the hours until Microsoft shows us exactly what its "major announcement" is really all about, countless ideas of what it could be have bubbled to the surface. None, though,...

The Surprising Reason Your Phone's Battery Life Drains
12:31:13 PMTechNewsDaily
Sick of watching your battery icon seemingly go as fast as a stoplight from green to yellow to red? It could well be all the apps you have installed -- even the ones you aren't using. A team of researchers at Purdue University released a study to...

This Phone Charm Could Save Your Life
11:28:40 AMLauren Drell
Name: Asahi Kasei and Code d'Urgence. Big Idea: Asahi Kasei developed an RFID-enabled cellphone charm to hold medical records and important health care information, while France's Code d'Urgence created a QR code with similar abilities. Why It's...

First Aid Goes Mobile, With Red Cross App Launch
11:13:06 AMZoe Fox
The Red Cross launched a first aid app for iOS and Android, which is the first in a series of preparedness apps the organization will roll out this year. The app is primarily a resource for emergency situations. You can look up what to do if...

Mini Orchestra Performs Your Favorite Ringtones [VIDEO]
10:56:25 AMChristine Erickson
Each cellphone company has its own distinct sound, to the point where you can usually tell what carrier a person has without even seeing their phone -- assuming that it's not on vibrate. SEE ALSO: "Le Internet Medley" References 40+ Memes in One...

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