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Champion Runner Helps Fallen Rival Cross Finish Line [VIDEO]

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Women of Pinterest Battle Men of the Internet in Goofy Animation [VIDEO]
Dead Cat Comes Back to Life as Morbid Helicopter [VIDEO]
Play-A-Grill Retainer Plays MP3s From Your Mouth [VIDEO]

Champion Runner Helps Fallen Rival Cross Finish Line [VIDEO]
7:19:11 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Like a superhero swooping in to help someone, runner Meghan Vogel came from behind during the 3,200-meter race at the high school state track meet in Ohio to help a struggling rival. Competitor Arden McMath fell multiple times Saturday because of...

Relive High School in a Time Lapsed 4 Minutes [VIDEO]
6:02:48 PMZoe Fox
To say goodbye to Montgomery Blair High School, senior Tolu Omokehinde spent seven months photographing his Silver Spring, Md., school and editing his footage into this four-minute film, Photographic Journey: Life at Blair. The video first...

Amazon Developing 'Zombies vs. Gladiators' Movie
5:43:10 PMThe Mary Sue
Amazon is dipping its toes into the waters of cinema in an attempt to compete with Netflix, which recently started producing original content. As part of its first trick to convince you that Amazon Studios is your next destination for movie...

Is Nickelbacking the New Rickrolling?
3:54:20 PMChristine Erickson
For years, Rickrolling has been an important part of viral web culture -- so much so that there was outrage when it was almost banned by accident. Over the weekend, I fell victim to a new Internet prank we're calling "Nickelbacking." Let us give...

Demo Day: The First Day of the Rest of Your Startup
1:59:54 PMMashable Video
In the last episode of TechStars, we witnessed one team finally realize that good things happen when you accept help and mentorship from others. In this episode, we'll get an inside look as the big day finally arrives for the startup teams: Demo...

Women of Pinterest Battle Men of the Internet in Goofy Animation [VIDEO]
12:38:20 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Everything you love and hate about web culture clashes in an epic animation that pits the women of Pinterest against the men of the Internet. "The Fall of Pinterest" video from comedy engine College Humor shows Internet trolls, memes and Rage...

Sean Parker's Airtime Is Here: Video Chat Based on Facebook Interests
11:59:02 AMLance Ulanoff
Webcams, which started out as clumsy, low resolution and generally unsatisfactory peripherals are now baked into most of our laptops and phones. They offer high resolutions and admirable ease-of-use. And, with the advent of ubiquitous broadband,...

Watch This Drummer Tear Through Pop Music History [VIDEO]
11:45:58 AMChristine Erickson
The music industry has evolved over the years, from methods of production, distribution and even new genres. But one thing hasn't changed: every band needs a good drummer to keep the beat. Professional drummer Sasa Macek has created a music video...

President Barack Obama 'Sings' Call Me Maybe
12:48:33 AMJeremy Cabalona
It's the endlessly viral song that won't seem to die. President Obama is the latest to join in on the "Call Me Maybe" trend. The President unknowingly performs the song via a clever mashup from YouTube channel baracksdubs. This isn't the first...

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