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Apple Reveals Its Inner Do-Gooder During WWDC Keynote [VIDEO]

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Monday, June 11, 2012
iCloud Fulfills Its Promise in Mountain Lion
WWDC 2012: The Last-Minute Rumor Roundup
Mashable Weekend Recap: 54 Stories You Might Have Missed

Apple Reveals Its Inner Do-Gooder During WWDC Keynote [VIDEO]
11:01:12 PMZoe Fox
In the opening video to Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation, the company highlighted how iOS apps are being used to make a difference across the world. Though late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was notorious for not giving...

Make a DIY Wi-Fi Antenna From a Coffee Can [VIDEO]
10:16:59 PMAmanda Wills
Free Wi-Fi and coffee are a perfect pair for productivity. But if you can't find a seat in the coffee house, make your own Wi-Fi antenna from an empty coffee can (and a little bit of electrical know-how). Keep in mind that this won't provide you...

Apple Developers: We Love the Retina MacBook, But Want More From Siri
9:56:50 PMPete Pachal
Apple kicked off its Worldwide Developers Conference with a bang, showing off powerful new features in the iOS and OS X platforms as well as a MacBook Pro with a retina display. Mashable spoke with several developers immediately after the...

U.S. Navy Will Spend $34 Million to Switch Drones to Linux
7:41:45 PMGeekosystem
According to a new contract announced last Wednesday, the U.S. Navy will use Linux as the foundation for its drone fleet. The endeavor will cost about $34 million for the entire fleet of MQ-8B Firescouts. Defence Professionals reports that the...

iCloud Fulfills Its Promise in Mountain Lion
3:31:12 PMZoe Fox
Several updates to iCloud, Apple's cloud computing solution, were announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference Monday, including Documents in the iCloud, Safari iCloud Tabs and Messages. iCloud was the first of eight features of the...

Apple Announces OS X Mountain Lion Dictation, Power Nap, iCloud Integration
3:12:23 PMSamantha Murphy
Apple announced on Monday during its 23rd annual Worldwide Developers Conference that OS X Mountain Lion, the latest upgrade to its core Mac software, will be getting a series of enhancements. Apple exec Craig Federrichi demoed various Mountain...

WWDC 2012: The Last-Minute Rumor Roundup
1:15:50 PMSamantha Murphy
Last-minute rumors always play a big role in the hours leading up to an Apple event, and debating what could actually be unveiled is the best part. Here's a rundown of what's in the rumor mill for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference on...

Apple Keynote: Tim Cook Unveils iOS 6 and More [TRANSCRIPT]
12:02:21 PMChris Taylor
We're live from the 2012 Apple Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco, where Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage Monday morning to write the latest chapter in his company's history. What that...

Looking for WWDC Hints? Try This Tim Cook Interview [VIDEO]
11:12:35 AMLance Ulanoff
If you're trying to guess the kinds of products and technologies Apple will unveil this afternoon at its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, this lengthy interview with Tim Cook is a good place to start. The Apple CEO was,...

What to Expect From Apple's WWDC Keynote
9:08:20 AMPete Pachal
The expectations for Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference have changed a lot in the past couple of years. WWDC (or an event close to it) used to be the time when we finally got to lay our eyes on the latest iPhone. After months of intense...

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