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Angry Birds Join NFL's Eagles in First Team Partnership

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Flirting App Skout Bans Minors After Reported Rapes
'The Mark' Turns iPhone into Your Personal Caddy
Pinstagram Arrives for iPad, Before Instagram, Pinterest [EXCLUSIVE]

Angry Birds Join NFL's Eagles in First Team Partnership
8:34:20 PMSam Laird
The video above shows a cartoon of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid introducing some "very special" new additions to the team. Their names? Red Bird, Bomb Bird, Yellow Bird and "Big Brother Red Bird" Terence, as well as one more mysterious...

New App Bridges Communication Gap Between Devs and Small Biz
7:26:54 PMChristine Erickson
Small businesses today have many useful sites and products to help them get started with mobile app development, but this information might still feel useless if you don't understand JavaScript or HTML5. Tiggzi is a new app that hopes to level...

Klout Updates Mobile App With iPhone-Like Swipe Feature for +Ks
6:47:41 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Klout infused some Apple flavor into its mobile app, adding a swipe feature akin to unlocking an iPhone on Wednesday. The swipe feature allows users to distribute +Ks to vouch for people's expertise or knowledge on a certain topic (see gallery...

How a Google Search Travels Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]
4:08:19 PMSamantha Murphy
Google has put together an infographic that shows the journey of a search on the site, from how a query travels 1,500 miles at nearly the speed of light to hit different data centers around the world to how it ranks its results. In an infographic...

Flirting App Skout Bans Minors After Reported Rapes
3:31:11 PMJoann Pan
On Tuesday, the Skout networking web platform and app placed a temporary ban on under-18 users after three cases of sexual assault were reported. All three cases, reported in different U.S. states, involve children who met men posing as teenagers...

'The Mark' Turns iPhone into Your Personal Caddy
3:09:43 PMMarc Georges
The creators of a new iPhone case called The Mark hope it will be a hole-in-one with Kickstarter fans. Avid golfers, the trio behind The Mark, found that the iPhone had become an essential piece of equipment on the green for keeping score, stat...

10 Niche Social Networks You've Never Heard Of
12:53:09 PMMatt Petronzio
Are you tired of friends who clutter up your Facebook feed with stuff you don't care about? Are you easily overwhelmed by the wide variety of information posted on Twitter on a daily basis? Is the Google+ population just not doing it for you? If...

How to Build a Mobile App That Won't Drain Your Battery
10:22:46 AMBrady Donnelly
The advancement of mobile technology hasn't just led to social distraction -- it's also led to frustratingly rapid battery drain. While the phones of yesteryear were dull and basic, it was possible to go through a day or even two without the need...

Pinstagram Arrives for iPad, Before Instagram, Pinterest [EXCLUSIVE]
10:11:15 AMZoe Fox
Pinstagram, a mashup launched last month combining hot Internet properties Instagram and Pinterest, has launched its app for iPad. The app beats both startups it builds upon to launch an iPad app. Pinstagram presents your Instagram feed in...

Acer Launches Sleek Iconia Tablet With Beautiful HD Display
9:02:19 AMSamantha Murphy
PC manufacturer Acer launched on Wednesday its latest Android tablet to hit the market, boasting an HD display and a series of powerful specs. The 32GB Iconia Tab A700 tablet -- which is currently available for pre-sale in U.S. and Canada for...

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