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Analyst: Opening Facebook to Kids Would Help Mobile Ad Revenue

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Cannes Lions: Ideas, People and Companies With Big Buzz
iRobot Releases Smartest Roomba Yet
Apple Counters Microsoft Surface Launch With New iPad Ad [VIDEO]

Analyst: Opening Facebook to Kids Would Help Mobile Ad Revenue
2:31:18 PMSam Laird
Facebook is reportedly looking to open a membership option for kids younger than 13, and one analyst says doing so could help the social network in a place it's drawn criticism since its dud of an IPO -- mobile strategy. Simon Mansell is CEO of...

Microsoft Surface: Are You Ready to Buy? [POLL]
1:53:28 PMTodd Olmstead
Microsoft unveiled its new Surface tablet last night in Los Angeles. The company positions the device as a reimagining of the tablet - something that's not quite a tablet nor an ultrabook. We know it will come in two versions - one running...

How Technology Is Speeding Up Humanitarian Response
12:52:12 PMZoe Fox
RIO DE JANEIRO -- Amid discussions Tuesday of ways social media can be used to ensure a sustainable future for the planet, one Rio+Social conversation emphasized how technology is accelerating and improving humanitarian relief. Antonia Guterres,...

Facebook Mobile Ads Earn 2.5 Times More Than Desktop Ads, Studies Find
11:07:17 AMLauren Indvik
Facebook's mobile ads are performing significantly better than its desktop ads, according to multiple studies released Tuesday. That's great news for the social network and its investors, who have worried about the company's revenue prospects as...

Webcam Spying Student Released From Jail After 20 Days
9:48:13 AMAlex Fitzpatrick
Dharun Ravi, the former Rutgers University student convicted of invasion of privacy and other crimes for using his webcam to spy on his gay roommate Tyler Clementi, was released from jail Tuesday morning after completing 20 days of his 30 day...

Cannes Lions: Ideas, People and Companies With Big Buzz
7:05:34 AMStephanie Buck
The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is the world's largest conference and awards ceremony dedicated to communications and media. Located in Cannes, France, the festival hosts panels and events that focus on important industry...

Airbnb Announces 10 Million Guest Nights Booked [INFOGRAPHIC]
6:43:14 AMSamantha Murphy
Think it would be weird to stay in a stranger's home instead of a hotel while on vacation? Judging by the rapid growth of Airbnb, millions of people are already cozying up to the concept. The San Francisco-based startup, which allows you to make...

With Surface Tablet, Microsoft Stands Alone
5:20:24 AMLance Ulanoff
With its new Surface Tablet, Microsoft didn't just break the mold. It smashed it into a million little pieces, chucked them all into the furnace and set the temperature to obliterate. There really is no precedent for what Microsoft did this week....

Apple Counters Microsoft Surface Launch With New iPad Ad [VIDEO]
4:56:11 AMTodd Wasserman
On the same day Microsoft was unveiling its would-be iPad killer in Los Angeles, Apple rolled out its second TV ad for its new iPad, playing up functionality and, of course, the Retina display. The ad, called "Do it all," and from longtime ad...

iRobot Releases Smartest Roomba Yet
2:18:34 AMSamantha Murphy
iRobot announced on Tuesday the latest vacuum cleaning robot in its Roomba lineup, boasting a wireless command center that schedules cleanings and allows users to control the device from anywhere in the house. The new Roomba 790 -- available now...

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