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Trippy Rolls Out New Features to Become Vacation-Planning Hub

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012
Facebook Snaps Up Team From Mobile Firm Lightbox
Google Jazzes Up New York Office As It Hunts for Hires [PICS]
Assemble Friends for Spontaneous Fun With GiddyUp

Trippy Rolls Out New Features to Become Vacation-Planning Hub
5:49:04 PMSamantha Murphy
Social-travel planning site Trippy has rolled out a series of updates that turn the daydreaming platform into a vacation-planning tool. Trippy -- which, similar to Pinterest, allows users to share travel ideas and pictures but also incorporates...

This Guy Gave Himself Implants for His iPod Nano
5:37:59 PMEmily Price
Some say fashion is pain, and in the case of Dave Hurban, it actually is. Hurban recently implanted magnets in his wrist himself -- all for the ability to wear his trusty iPod Nano like a watch without having to sport a wristband. What motivated...

Facebook Snaps Up Team From Mobile Firm Lightbox
1:52:50 PMTodd Wasserman
Its impending IPO isn't slowing Facebook down -- or getting in the way of its strategy to become more mobile. The social network has just acqui-hired Lightbox, a developer of consumer mobile apps. The startup developed Lightbox Photos, which...

Lenovo Launches 'World's Lightest' Ultrabook
1:45:13 PMPete Pachal
Lenovo wants in on the Ultrabook game, and it's got something special to start playing: the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Aimed at notebook users who want something lightweight and durable that can perform, the X1 has a carbon-fiber exterior and...

Foursquare Check-Ins Now on Facebook Timeline Map
1:25:15 PMSamantha Murphy
Foursquare sent a tweet on Monday announcing that users who send their check-ins to Facebook will now be able to see them on their Facebook Timeline maps. Until now, Facebook could only see check-ins done through Facebook or Instagram on their...

Google Jazzes Up New York Office As It Hunts for Hires [PICS]
12:18:56 PMSamantha Murphy
As Google continues to expand its presence in New York, the company is making employees feel more at home by adding a host of cool amenities to its offices -- from a recently renovated café for meetings to celebrity chef demos and author chats....

Why IT Departments Should Let Employees Use Their Own Devices
7:03:15 AMMatt McLarty
It's surprising to hear that there's still any debate as to whether companies should allow employees to use their personal mobile devices at work. It's particularly perplexing when IT leaders are the ones who reject the idea. That's because the...

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