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MasterCard Unveils PayPass Wallet Services, A New Way To Pay

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Monday, May 07, 2012
Mashable Goes 'Behind the Launch' With New Documentary Series [VIDEO]
Apple Wants iPhone 5 Domain Name, Asks UN Agency to Shut It Down
Mobile Planet: Which Countries Are Most Prepared to Pay by Phone?

MasterCard Unveils PayPass Wallet Services, A New Way To Pay
7:30:12 PMEmily Price
MasterCard announced PayPass Wallet Services Monday, a new global offering that makes it easier and faster for customers to make purchases in stores and online, by allowing those purchases to be made with a single click or tap. "We think of...

MasterCard Unveils 'The Future of Payments' [LIVE]
6:50:06 PMEmily Price
MasterCard is unveiling what it calls "the future of payments for consumers, merchants and partners" at the CTIA Wireless conference in New Orleans Monday. We're streaming the whole thing live exclusively on Mashable starting at 6:00 p.m. EST,...

Apple Releases iOS Update That Fixes Streaming Audio, Video Issues
5:51:13 PMTecca
If you've been having trouble with AirPlay on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, help has arrived. Apple has released an update to its mobile operating system that fixes problems related to streaming your audio and video to supported devices, in...

4 Mobile Business Applications to Watch
4:58:30 PMLayla Revis
With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, hedging bets on what may be the next application to be acquired for $1 billion is all the rage among geeks. Although most developers are putting emphasis on consumer-facing apps, the app...

Amtrak Conductors Swap Ticket Punchers for iPhones
4:44:53 PMAppAdvice
Instead of a ticket punch, select Amtrak conductors are using something a little more modern - an iPhone. Amtrak, the government-owned corporation that provides passenger train service across the United States, has begun a program let conductors...

Jury Issues Partial Verdict in Google-Oracle Trial, Big Questions Still at Stake
4:29:21 PMChristina Warren
A federal jury has issued a partial verdict in the Oracle/Google lawsuit. Although the jury found that Google infringed on Oracle's Java tools, it deadlocked around the question of whether Google proved that its use of Java constituted "fair...

Mobile Planet: Which Countries Are Most Prepared to Pay by Phone?
3:42:09 PMEmily Price
Sorry, Europe: North America, Southeast Asia and Kenya are better set up for mobile payments than you. MasterCard has unveiled its Mobile Payments Readiness Index (MPRI), an analysis of 34 countries and their readiness to use mobile payments. The...

Apple Wants iPhone 5 Domain Name, Asks UN Agency to Shut It Down
3:23:35 PMSam Laird
Will the next generation iPhone be officially known as the iPhone 5? That's what a recent complaint Apple filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) hints at. WIPO is a United Nations agency that protects intellectual property...

Mashable Goes 'Behind the Launch' With New Documentary Series [VIDEO]
1:00:40 PMLauren Drell
Discuss the show on Twitter: #BehindTheLaunch Mashable is excited to debut Behind the Launch, our first episodic, documentary-style video series that will follow a startup behind the scenes as it gears up to make its debut. The series is...

10 Top Android Racing Games
10:05:22 AMCarter Dotson
Whether you feel the need for speed or the desire to run your fellow drivers off the road, we won't judge. We will, however, suggest you redirect that energy into one of these Android racing games. SEE ALSO: 10 Top Android Racing Games for Road...

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