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How to Open a Beer Bottle With a Chainsaw [VIDEO]

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Friday, May 18, 2012
Netflix Sees Swarm of Returning Users [VIDEO]
Startup Life: Risking It All to Change Direction [VIDEO]
Improve Your Android Home Screen With This App [VIDEO]

How to Open a Beer Bottle With a Chainsaw [VIDEO]
8:45:12 PMSam Laird
Friday night means party time. But you probably don't party like the older gent in this video. He opens his beers like a real man -- by using a chainsaw. Because that's just how he rolls. The video has gone viral on YouTube since being posted...

Improve Your Android Home Screen With This App [VIDEO]
6:48:49 PMJoann Pan
Chameleon, an Android tablet enhancement that makes the home screen easier to use, started off as a company-wide design exercise. After receiving worldwide attention and purchase inquiries, the team took the Android Tablet app to Kickstarter. The...

6 Adorable Webcams of Endangered Species [VIDEOS]
3:31:15 PMZoe Fox
Today is Endangered Species Day, an opportunity for people to learn about the significance of environmental protection. Experience the fascinating activities of endangered animals live with these six video feeds from explore.org cameras from...

Reddit, Tumblr Founders Slam and Cheer Facebook IPO
2:17:15 PMMashable Video
Facebook's IPO is on everyone's minds, lips and tweets today. The concept of building a $100 billion+ business on the web in eight years is a staggering thought, and must loom large over other successful online entrepreneurs. Reddit co-founder...

What Would a Romney Presidency Look Like? YouTube Knows
12:09:47 PMAlex Fitzpatrick
Mitt Romney, the probable Republican nominee for president of the United States, unleashed his opening salvo in the advertisement battle of the general election with a 30-second spot posted to YouTube Friday morning. The ad, entitled "Day One,"...

Electric Imp Connects Your Home Devices to the Internet
8:19:42 AMSonia Paul
If you've ever dreamed about connecting your entire home to the Internet -- so that appliances could start by themselves or you could receive text message alerts to maintain housekeeping -- it looks like your dream is ready to become a reality....

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