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Enhanced Jug Sends Mobile Alerts When You're Out of Milk [VIDEO]

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Friday, May 11, 2012
What to Expect When Your Kid Becomes a Meme
Apple's 'Ghostbusters' Spoof Circa 1984 Hits YouTube
Your Spankable Robot Butt Is Here, Baby [VIDEO]

Enhanced Jug Sends Mobile Alerts When You're Out of Milk [VIDEO]
10:09:31 PMJoann Pan
Toronto-based Teehan+Lax Labs -- a digital media company research unit that explores creative uses of technology -- has developed an Android mobile app that answers the question -- "Got Milk?" Researchers developed a specialized milk jug and...

Should Celebrities Create Their Own Branded Social Networks?
5:17:32 PMMashable Video
What's better than having 1 million followers on Twitter? Having 35,000 followers on your own social network. At least, that's what Grammy Award-winning producer and hip-hop artist Jermaine Dupri thinks. Dupri started his own social network,...

How Scary Would Pinterest Be if You Could Pin IRL? [VIDEO]
3:47:33 PMThe Jane Dough
You thought Pinterest was a pink, fluffy wonderland filled with kitty-cats and cupcakes. You thought wrong. As this (hilarious) video from the good folks at Comediva shows, Pinterest can get scary. Really scary.

Viddy Highlights: 10 Top Clips From the Social Video App
12:40:15 PMAmy-Mae Elliott
The latest iPhone app to make headlines is Viddy, a social video editing and sharing app that has just surpassed 26 million users. Described as the "Instagram of video," we were curious to see what kinds of clips were being created on the Viddy...

VW's 'Hover Car' Concept in China Is Fake, But Still Cool [VIDEO]
10:37:24 AMTodd Wasserman
Is Luke Skywalker's Land Speeder from Star Wars finally a reality? No, but if that idea ever came to pass, this is sort of how it would look. The video above shows a VW flying two-seater zipping through Beijing. The car, powered by minerals...

Persistent Toddler Gets Shot Down by Crush Again and Again [VIDEO]
8:39:53 AMSam Laird
Sometimes -- no matter what you do -- you just can't get a girl to like you in the same way you like her. The kid in this video, for better or worse, is finding that out at an early age. The little boy, our protagonist here, spends a solid two...

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