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Ellison and Catmull: You Can't Copy Steve Jobs

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Tim Cook: Steve Jobs Convinced Me to Work for Apple in 5 Minutes
Ellison and Catmull: You Can't Copy Steve Jobs
Bit.ly Rolls Out Confusing Redesign, iPhone App

Ellison and Catmull: You Can't Copy Steve Jobs
10:59:31 PMLance Ulanoff
What made Steve Jobs unique? Seven months after the Apple CEO and founder passed away, two of his closest friends sat down with All Things D's Walt Mossberg, who also knew Jobs for years, to affectionately reminisce and, in a way, define Jobs for...

Sorkin: Writing Jobs Biopic is 'Terrifying'
7:07:29 PMLance Ulanoff
If you were expected to see all of Steve Jobs life on screen when the movie based on the Walter Isaacson biography hits screens, you may be disappointed. Aaron Sorkin, the screen writer who brought you The Social Network, The West Wing, HBO's...

Portable Grip for iPhone is Handy Tripod Replacement [VIDEO]
4:06:08 PMJoann Pan
When it comes to taking crisp, steady footage, photographers can opt to leave their heavy DSLR cameras and tripods at home. The new crop of iPhone stabilizers makes it an option to skip high-tech and heavy equipment. The Grip and Shoot Bluetooth...

Zynga Wants to Be a Mobile Gaming Network
3:08:29 PMLance Ulanoff
Zynga is building a portfolio of mobile, casual and social games across a variety of social networks and platforms, including, most notably, Facebook and iOS. It has at least 100 million monthly players across its Farmville and Citiville games on...

Tim Cook: Steve Jobs Convinced Me to Work for Apple in 5 Minutes
11:08:28 AMLance Ulanoff
If there's such a thing as a master class for new CEOs, I think Tim Cook held it last night. In a warm, funny, smart and highly controlled interview with All Thing D's Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the 10th annual D Conference, the...

Google+ Local Unlocks the Power of Zagat
10:04:30 AMSamantha Murphy
Google+ rolled out on Wednesday a new 'Local' tool that allows users to share and find information about nearby places -- from museums and spas to restaurants and hotels. In addition to tapping a user's network or "Circles," the new service also...

Google Honors Peter Carl Fabergé With a Bejeweled Doodle
6:40:23 AMStan Schroeder
Today's Google Doodle honors Peter Carl Fabergé, a famous Russian jeweller, best known for his Fabergé eggs. Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Fabergé inherited the family jeweler business from his father, Gustav Fabergé. The House of Fabergé...

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