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Beware the Laptop Mutants! Intel Launches Ultrabook Ivy Bridge Chips

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Thursday, May 31, 2012
Ellison and Catmull: You Can't Copy Steve Jobs
Google+ Local Unlocks the Power of Zagat
Zynga Wants to Be a Mobile Gaming Network

Beware the Laptop Mutants! Intel Launches Ultrabook Ivy Bridge Chips
10:04:02 PMPete Pachal
Intel officially launched the next wave of its new processing technology Thursday -- this one including the chips meant for ultra-thin laptops or, as Intel calls them, Ultrabooks. The dual-core Ivy Bridge chips won't just make for speedier,...

Too Funny: Google wants .LOL Domain
7:32:54 PMSamantha Murphy
Google has applied to control a slew of domain names that are not only related to its core business but have "interesting and creative potential." The company announced on its blog on Thursday that it has submitted applications to the Internet...

Facebook's New Scheduling Feature: 5 Design Missteps
5:09:54 PMMatt Petronzio
A recent Facebook update lets page administrators schedule posts in advance, similar to the scheduling functions of HootSuite and other third-party apps. However, users quickly noticed flaws in the user interface -- that is, if they could even...

Windows 8 Release Preview Unleashes the Power of Metro [HANDS ON]
4:04:25 PMPete Pachal
Surprise! Microsoft just released the Windows 8 Release Preview (RP) -- the next big step in its seemingly never-ending journey to get on store shelves -- bringing new features, improved apps and more polish to the whole experience. Except it's...

Cookoo Smart Watch Gains Fast Support on Kickstarter [VIDEO]
12:10:47 PMJoann Pan
Will history repeat itself for another smartphone-connected watch on Kickstarter? A smartphone watch called Cookoo is currently getting a huge initial boost from Kickstarter supporters. Even though it's doing well, it's not matching the...

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