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11 Hilarious 'Men in Black' Parodies

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Friday, May 25, 2012
Watch Life Unfold In This Poignant Photo Animation [VIDEO]
Brands Can Now Turn Their Facebook Timeline Into a Movie
Startup Stakes: Everything's Riding on the Pitch [VIDEO]

11 Hilarious 'Men in Black' Parodies
10:50:40 PMChristine Erickson
A few weeks ago we found out a lot of people like to dress up with their friends as the Avengers? It turns out, a lot more of you like the Men in Black look. It's been quite some time since we've seen Agent J and Agent K on the big screen, but...

Are You Game for Tetris: The Movie? [VIDEO]
10:04:38 PMTodd Wasserman
They made a movie out of Battleship, right? So why not Tetris? That's the plausible conceit behind this (unfortunately fake) trailer for a movie adaptation of the famed '80s videogame. The plot seems to be that the game has gotten out of control...

'Call Me Maybe' Mashup of 75 Videos Will Haunt You
4:22:44 PMBrian Anthony Hernandez
Carly Rae Jepsen's catchy "Call Me Maybe" continues to win over the hearts of countless Internet music lovers, topping Billboard's Digital Songs chart this week and the iTunes Store singles chart last week. Music website Popdust, though, wants to...

Authors or Curators: Who Will Be More Valuable in the Future?
10:55:21 AMChristine Erickson
The great debate between original and curated content has been a hot topic in the age of social media. Today, so much content is produced at such a rapid rate that the web has become a realm of tastemakers. Tools like Storify make it easy to...

Boomshakalaka! Blake Griffin Mashed With NBA Jam Is YouTube Gold
Thursday, May 24, 2012 11:07 PMSam Laird
Coaching tip: Combine the best basketball video game ever with footage of today's most electrifying dunker to create Internet gold. That's what the online sports media network SB Nation did in the video above, laying NBA Jam visuals and sound...

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