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Canon PowerShot G12- Technology Times

Thisis a very gadget to capture your unique moments.  The PowerShot is very similar to G11.  In this model the manufacturer has embeddedfew latest updates like 720/24p video capture technology which made the devicemuch smarter and also it has been installed with mini HDMI and stereo audio.  This resembles to the S95 model, the camerahas HDR scene mode that combine three shots. For doing so, you just need to place/keep tripod steady and this makesit more marginally useful.

Well,the image quality of this Canon PowerShot G12 is very same to G11.  The pixels can be seen very best in lowestISO settings that adds much to the picture quality of the image and color.  Preceding much from ISO 200, the pixels startfading and thus decreasing the overall quality of the image and the color.  This usually happens more in case if you goabove ISO 400 and above.  The maximumused setting is ISO 800.  If you wish tobe highly strict to the quality of the image; than you must not go above ISO200.

Thelens of Canon PowerShot G12 is quite sharp. The quality of video is much better as compared to older VGA device. However,one cannot zoom while recording; this is a drawback of this gadget.  If we talk about the performance it is reallygood.  Its performance matches LX5.  It only takes 2.1 seconds to boot up and takethe pictures. 

Toconclude, this gadget is good to take still pictures to the maximumclearance.  So capture your moments andlet the shooting go every now and then with your new Canon PowerShot G12.



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