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What is the Difference between 3G and 4G Networking? - Technology Times

Well,first of all both the technologies are wireless technologies.  It is much clear from the numeric part thatthe 3G has emerged before than the 4G technology.  Here, G stands for generation.  As we know that every new generation comeswith the advancement and the upgraded features. Similarly, 4G dominates the 3G technology in terms of excessive highspeed data transmission.  In 4G we usespecially designed highly conductive devices for the transmission which we wereunable to use in the 3G technology. It is significant that 3GPP has played amain role in the evolution of generations in the mobile networks and it is acollaboration of telecom associations from various countries and regions of theworld aiming at providing a globally applicable 3G standards based on GSMsystems.

What is a 3G networking?
The3G that is third generation technology of the mobile networks that is aiming tothe high speed data exchange/transmission and providing applications like videoconferencing, streaming and the list is long. They came with two calibrations namely 3GPP and 3GPP2.  As per the International TelecommunicationUnion (ITU) the following requirements must be met by any network to be termedas 3G networks.

  1. Downlinkrate of 144 Kbps for mobile handsets and 384 Kbps for pedestrian traffic. 
  2. 2Mbps indoor downlink speed.
  3. Ondemand bandwidth and 2 Mbps internet access.

What is a 4G networking?
Thisis the latest and the fastest mobile networking communication.  It is predecessor of 3G networks.  It works as about 100 Mbps in high mobileenvironments and about 1Gbps in stationary environments.  This amount of data is really a big mass ofdata and it seems like that the file you just received was already present inyour hard drive.  Startling, but true; 4Gis the ultimate of them all.  In thisWi-Max that is Worldwide interoperability for Microwave Access and the longterm evolution (LTE) are the technologies that are considered. Followingspecifications need to be met by any network to be considered as 4G:

  1. 100Mbpsdata rate in high mobile environments and 1Gbps in stationary environments
  2. Networkoperate on IP packets (All IP network)
  3. Dynamicchannel allocation with channel bandwidth being varying from 5MHz to 20 MHz asrequired by the application
  4. Softhand over capability.

 Henceforth,these are the differences that differentiate between both of the networks.


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