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Sony Walkman NWZ-W252 – Technology Times

The SonyWalkman NWZ W252 is a latest type of MP3 player.  It come cord free, exclusively7 wearabledesign.  This is a perfect gadget forthose who love to hear music in the gym/sports time.  Music ads much to the actual performance ofthe activity you are doing. Music while some exertion work makes the interestin your work.  Earlier it was unable tobe worn over the ears in water.  But thechange can be seen in this very version of the gadget as it works fine inwater.  So swimmers can enjoy theirtrance while on the move in the water.  Ithas much battery life and one can listen to the music for long hours as thebattery comes attached to it.

Everydaywe are having many changes in the older technology and these upgradation adsmuch value to their old gadgets.  Similarly,as stated above its earlier versions were unable to provide the water resistantfacility but the latest version of this device makes it possible t hear musicin water also.

It embedsZAPPIN technology which makes the device much free from the cords. So, you aregetting free motions as its design is much dynamic.  One can very easily change the tracks andincrease/decrease the volume.  Its batterylife is 11 hours when fully charged.  Thedevice comes with the USB charging and does not support AC adopter forcharging.  You can also charge it whiletransferring the tracks into it.  It supportsalmost all formats like WMA, MP3 and AAC.

One canget it in four different colors namely black, white, pink and green at just$59.95.
It isrecommended to but the gadget from the official website of Sony.
The boxcontains:-

1.      Holder
2.     Guide on software.
3.     Instructional manual.
4.     Stand along with USB cable.
5.     Content Transfer software.
6.     Ear buds (small, medium and large).



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