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Pinterest Demographic Data: The Marketers Guide to People Who Pin

By at IgniteSocialmedia: 
Unless you’re living under a rock, or started boycotting the internet when SOPA was first introduced last year, you’ve heard Pinterest is growing. But just how much traffic is Pinterest getting these days?
According to ComScore, Pinterest has over 4 million users and is rapidly growing. Data from Google Ad Planner below shows nearly 1.5 million unique users are visiting Pinterest daily, and spending an astounding 14+ minutes on the site. While this is pocket change compared to behemoth Facebook’s ~500 million daily uniques and 23 minute visits (yes, I’ve heard other numbers, but need to compare apples to apples here…) this rapid growth , coupled with Pinterest’s focus on discovery suggests the growing network is not to be taken lightly by brands.
But before you dive in, let me remind you — we’ve written countless posts in the past detailing our approach to social media strategy, our process for developing a social media plan and our focus on the people when it comes to engaging on social networks – so I won’t bore you with a lecture on the importance of following the POST methodology. Instead, let’s look at when Pinterest might make sense as the T in your social media marketing plan based on the P’s who are using it.

Pinterest Demographics

Pinterest user demographics include women, ages 25-54.

Only 25% of Pinterest users have earned a bachelors or higher degree and the majority live off a household income of $25-75K.

Traffic and demographic data for Pinterest pulled from Google Ad Planner

Pinterest users in the US are more likely to live in mid-west states than your typical social networker

But understanding your audience is about more than just the demographics. Research shared by Experian Hitwise finds that Pinterest users skew towards the following Mosaic USA lifestyle segments, which gives us valuable insight into the psychographics of Pinterest users:



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