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A pen with a High Definition camera and a USB connector- Technology Times

How can a pen store videos/pics @ $99.99 (USD) ?

Thesecret for high definition camera inside a simple pen is no more a secret.  One can get this featured pen from any of thelocal stores or from online stores.  Suchtype of camera can be very helpful in many cases.  The cases could be, related to any of thefield like if you see some UFO flying; get your pen and record the flyingobject.  It could be very helpful torecord the lectures from the classes although we don’t encourage you to bunkyour classes and waste your time in any other matter.  Well, the mighty pen consists of a HighDefinition Camera and entirely depends upon your choice for the type of camerayou want.  They are coming in many timesranging from low resolution to high resolution. All these pens can be connected to your systems through a USB port.  The other amazing thing with this pen is thatyou can still wright with it with a fine tip.
PenCam- Swann
Itcould prove beneficial in order to catch some illegal happening at your placeat any time and report to the concerned authority with the live video.  It comes along a big amount of memory andagain ranges as per the cost of the pen. Since, with the advancement in technology both camera and memory size isdecreasing.  This technology ofcompactness is making such devices very famous among the youth.  The company which manufactures such pens isnamed as Swann

Ithas two versions of this pen available for aspiring spies and informants. Thecheaper option is the PenCam 4GB, which offers up 4GB of on-board storageaccessible via a built-in USB connection. On the exterior you’ll find a hiddencamera just above the clip, which is capable of capturing video and images at640 x 480 resolution and storing them on the built-in flash memory in AVI andJPEG formats, respectively. 4GB of storage gives you 90 minutes of video, andan unspecified number of images, but it’s going to be a few thousand.  Officially it is a security company and theirmain objective to make this gadget is to provide some un-expected device in theterms of some unsocial happening. The second pen takes thing up a notch and iscalled the HD PenCam. As you’d expect, the camera on board is HD-capable andcan capture video and images at 1280 x 720. The on-board storage has gone, butthat’s no bad thing as it’s being replaced with a MicroSD card slot. It takescards up to 16GB on to which you can store 150 minutes of HD video.
NOTE:- MicroSDcard needs to be purchased.  


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