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How to Connect Two laptops without a Router ? - Technology Times

Theadvanced feature of Windows operating system makes it possible to connect twoLaptops using Ad-Hoc feature to connect two laptops.  This is the lass range communication systemwhich sends all the types of information using short distance radio waves.  This is very simple concepts since both thelaptops are having the devices which makes it possible to send and receive the informationin the terms of packets, so you can say that the Data flows in the form ofdiscrete packets. Here we have described that how to make an Ad Hoc connectionbetween two Laptops?

Steps to create an Ad Hoc connection between two Laptops

ü  Step 1:  Click on Start Menu and go to the control panel.Select Network and Internet option.

ü  Step 2:   Click on Network and Sharing Center.

ü  Step 3:   Click on Setup a new connection or Network in the Network and Sharing center window.

ü  Step4:  Setup a newconnection or Network will open a new Dialog box. Select “Set up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-To- Computer)network option from the list and Click “Next”.

ü  Step5: Click Next again and it will prompt you enter the nameto the network and the security settings.

ü  Step6: Ensure you areselecting strong password to secure your network connection. Choose Securitytype you want. By default security type will be WPA2-Personal. If you need anyhelp on selecting Security type, help file the Click on “Help me Choose”. Security key or the password iscase sensitive and it should be 8-63 alpha numeric characters.

ü  Step7: Select Next to finish creatingad hoc network. A confirmation page  pageshows the ad hoc network settings. Now your network is ready to use.

ü  Step8: In the Network andSharing Center you can decide on what to share with the network.

ü  Step9: For making other systemto use your computer Internet, click on “View Status next to the connection youwant to share.  Click on propertiesbutton which is available under Activity. Click on sharing tab and enable the checkboxwhich says “Allow other Network Computers toConnect through This computer’s Internet Connection”. Under HomeNetworking Connection select “Wireless network Connection” and Click on OK.

ü  Step10. You will find thenetwork name in the available connection list of other system which has Wi-Fi support. Select the network you have justcreate and enter the password to access the internet.

ü  Step11: You are done withsharing your network with other computer.


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