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Facebook Timeline: Disliked by the Masses [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Alissa Skelton at Mashable: 
Facebook layout changes are rarely welcomed with open arms by the majority of users and Timeline has been no exception.
A whopping of 70% of people who responded to a SodaHead poll would ditch Timeline if they could. Some 20% like it and 10% of survey respondents do not have Facebook accounts.
The survey asked 1,327 people what they thought about the soon-to-be mandatory Facebook Timeline.
The countdown to full-adoption of Timeline started two weeks ago, when Facebook announced that users would see notifications on their home page and then have seven days to clean up their Timelines. Facebook hasn’t set a specific date for the universal adoption of Timeline, but it should happen “within a few weeks.”
Facebook Timeline has made some users worried about privacy since viewers can look through each year of a person’s Facebook life in a few clicks. Facebook gives you seven days to make the switch, so you have enough time to hide the content you would like to keep private.

Infographic originally published on Mashable.com.

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