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Black March 2012 and How to Help

This proposed boycott is not likely to gain as much steam as the Jan. 19th petitions, but that doesn't mean we won't make a dent.  Anyone who has the knowledge and the capability to "pirate" media already has an investment in not only hardware, but services as well. These devices which we rely on for entertainment ( paid or not ) can be used with or without an influx of new media to enjoy.

Getting along without any new media is really an easier to accomplish task than people realize. The problem, like with all boycotts, is getting enough people to participate in order to make a difference.

Don't spend a single penny on new media during the month of March

How many of us have a huge DVD or Blu Ray collection which is collecting dust? We bought those movies for a reason, because we liked them. This will be the time to watch them again and get our money's worth. There is also nothing wrong with trading among friends and neighbors as well. This is still better than TV reruns, since there are generally no commercials other than unstoppable previews. ( which is one reason why some people download or create pirated copies of stuff they already own  )

Most of us have an extensive collection of all the musicians we truly enjoy, along with access to many free streams off the internet. ( such as Pandora ) All we have  to do is use our already owned playlists and streams, or rely on traditional FM for our background music. This will probably be the easiest part of the boycott for most of us.

Replay some classics, try new techniques those older games can still be fun. Do something like replay the fallout series as another type of character, or any open world game for that matter. Try out some flash games online, or some of the many free games available for smartphones.

Pirated Media Included
Remember also that this calls for a cessation of even downloading pirated copies. While this may seem counterproductive in hurting some of the movements "heroes", there are reasons for this.

Advertising revenue gained from the use of these sites DOES affect the global economy, and this needs to be proven without a shadow of a doubt. ( Yes many people still don't know what AdBlock is )

When someone asks or posts on Facebook ( or any social networking site ) about a particular movie, TV show, actor/singer, or song, the opinions provided from users does give media companies free advertising, whether they paid for it or not. The fact remains that the majority of our population does legally acquire our entertainment. ( Lets face it, the quality is guaranteed, unlike pirated works. There is 0% risk of malware/viruses. There is a chance of getting caught when using P2P services for the less than technologically adept. Along with a great many people not even knowing how to get these copies. )

This will in affect cut even more revenue off from the media giants, as rather than giving a review of that new release, these people will instead be reminding everyone about the boycott.

It's Only 4 weeks
Independent Musicians and Movies are Excluded from the Boycott

The first week of April is going to be very profitable to these media companies when people go and buy the games, movies, and music which they have been waiting for. This will remind them just how much those companies need us. All we have to do is be patient, and save some disposable income in the meantime.

Spread the word
Our friends at Google and many of the companies who helped us with the petitions will not be as quick to join this time. They get A LOT of revenue from media purchases, and really won't want to shoot themselves in the foot. It is up to us to spread the word this time. 


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