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Angry Birds Space releasing on March 22- Technology Times

Well,Rovio has become the most famous gaming producer through the Angry BirdsSeries.  Again and again it is comingwith new techniques and graphics to be patched inside the earlierversions.  If you are a registered usesof this game you can download the patch to the existing game.  Henceforth, Rovio has stated that it willpush another version for its Angry Birds game. This version is termed as Angry Bird Space that would be sold in themarkets very next month.  This would bethe fourth launch of the same game.  Sucha variety in the single game proves the popularity of this game.  The earlier versions of this game were AngryBirdsAngry Birds Seasons, and the movie tie-in AngryBirds: Rio.  

Thisgame would consist of the heavenly bodies of the space with the only objectiveis to hit the target and to make the birds free from the cages.  This would be very similar to the low gravityspace and all the birds flying in the spacesuits.  Listening and imagining to such a view makeseverybody curious to try the game.  This gamecould be played with the iOS and Android. 

Nodoubt, this game has flourished like anything and has achieved the position ofking of the casual gaming.  But as thetechnology changes, the game need much changes to adapt to the differentoperating systems.  Gone are the dayswhen only selected O/S was taken under consideration.  Now, the developer has to build any of thegame in different working environments and platforms.  Surely, the Rovio will come up with thisproblem and it must build it in different O/S too. 


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