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Android Galaxy Tab – Technology Times

Review on Android Galaxy Tab

Dearfriend, this is an era of tablets.  So,here we are with a review of latest and famous Android galaxy Tab.  The touch screen of this very gadget is veryresponsive.  You just need to slightlytouch the screen and the response occurs in no time.  The statistics however show that thetechnical as well as resolution tendencies of the gadget are concerning thesoftware.
Oneof the reader found that after updating his Android Tablet to Gingerbread 2.3which was the official update to the device from the official site, SamsungKies was unable to detect the software updated. 
Android Galaxy Tab

This might be the reason that they haven’t updated the Samsung kiessoftware too.  The tablet was unable torespond since it didn’t match the pre-installed software.  That made all work went to vain, because theuser is now unable to use any of the pre-installed apps for the Android.  This include photos/music, and any other synchronizeddata with the PC.  This is the bad partof the software since the Tablet has been launched about 17 months before andtill today it fails in such-a-conditions. Not only this problem has been detected, it is just redirecting to thewebsite in many apps like movies and not showing any movies anymore.  It seems like they have changed the serveraddresses since the device has been launched many months before.  The big issue found with the tablet is thatyou are unable to remove the pre-installed applications from the device and theonly way found to do that is to “ROOT” the AndroidDevice.  However, there are communitysites for Samsung which can help you out for any of your problem.

Recommended Android Galaxy Applications

1.  DolphinBrowser for Android and iOS
      Thisis very similar to Google Chrome which provides tab facility, faster in speed,         high uses interface and provides you anoption to synchronize with Google Account and helps in currentbookmarking.  Download here  

2.   SwiftkeyTablet X
This provides optimized keyboardlayout for Tablet users, helping you to type faster and much easier. Download here   

3.    Pulse
     For all news readers this is the bestAndroid Application, the RSS feeds are not   much vibrant as to read the news direrctlyand clearly.  So, this applicationprovides you all the latest happenings around with a single click.  Download here 

      So, these are some of the applicationswhich make an effective use of your tablet. Despite of these applications the Android community provides great experiencefor exploring tablets.


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