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Pirating Android Apps - What You Should Know

If you are reading this post then you likely have questions about getting free premium apps for your Android device. The first thing you need to know is that an app is essentially a javascript application, meaning it is very simple to decompile. This simplicity also makes it extremely easy for someone to ad a few simple lines of code that steal information from your device.

There really is know way to know exactly what may have changed, but know that someone had to change something in the code in order to circumvent DRM protections.

For these reasons I highly recommend that you do NOT attempt to pirate apps for your android device. You are putting not only your personal information at risk, but that of your contacts as well. You can almost guarantee yourself and your contacts a boatload of extra spam, as email addresses are most commonly the items stolen.

Just do a little extra searching for a free app, the ads typically use a very small amount of data, and are not too intrusive for the most part.

If you are using a tablet which does not have access to the market, try Getjar.com, as it has plenty of free options that are very simple to install.


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