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IT Speaks: Android vs. iOS tablet


Here we are discussing the operatingsystem for tablets. Now, is the era of tablets, gone are the days when desktopswere used and further laptops came into being. World is a compact hub now, sowe need to carry the technology in our hands, it should be vary mobile innature. On the other hand must be very well capable of performing the complextask we are dealing with. The standard screen size for mobile phone can rangeup to 5” inches. As for tablet, normally the screen size range from 7” to 11”inches. Some example of popular tablet nowadays are; Samsung Galaxy Tab,Motorola Xoom, Apple iPad 2, Asus Eee Transformers, etc.

What is a tablet?

In general, tablets are justcategorized under general computers, i.e, desktops or laptops. The majordifferences are the ways how to operate it and the interface of theapplication. There are numbers of application available that help in dailyactivities such as word processing, image editing, web browsing, reading, mediaplayer etc. You won’t have exact application that run in Windows operatingsystem in the tablet. So don’t expect apps like Ms Office Word, Excel, AdobePhotoshop, etc. that normally run in Windows are available. Normally tabletdoesn’t provide physical keyboard. Therefore, all of them are touch-basedoperation which required practices to get used of it. Several finger touchgestures are available in devices as well. The apps name might be different butthey can operate similar as in the Windows version with limitation capabilitiesand function. Here we are discussing only operating system for Androids and iOS.

Android- A LOOK

Android: - What’s that composed of?
Android is an operating system developed by GoogleInc. The latest version is Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Example of tabletsusing Android operating system are; Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, Asus EeeTransformer, Acer Iconia A500, Lenovo IdeaPad K1, etc.
Advantages of AndroidOperating System
Download and upload file through the web
Standard web browsers forAndroid are capable in handling downloading and uploading files. Compared withiOS, Safari is not capable to download and upload any file. There is an optionfrom the other 3rd party apps but the user has to pay for it.
Customizable Widget Screen
Numbers of widget areavailable through Android OS. Some of them are even free from the market. It isuseful for the user to customize the screen page by adding widget such ascalendar, clock, weather, favourites, etc. Compared with iOS, no widget screensare available with the standard OS or through the AppsStore.
Support Flash Plug-in
Unlike iOS, Android OS arecapable of displaying Adobe Flash content through webpage or apps. If you usedto open Flash content website, you should consider buying Android tablet ratherthan iOS tablet. iOS are not capable of viewing flash content due torestriction made by Apple to reduce the risk of its device being hacked orjailbreak.

What is iOS?
iOS (formerly iPhone OS) is anoperating system develop by Apple Inc. The latest version is iOS 5.0.1. Thetablets that used iOS are Apple iPad 1 and iPad 2. There are no such things asiPad from Samsung, Acer, Dell, etc. Some people misinterpret that iPad as aterm to describe the tablet while iPad is a sole product from Apple. Therefore weoften heard people say, “I bought an iPad brand Samsung” or “Aku beli iPadbrand China”. But it is not so.
iOS Handsets

Advantages of iOS
Advanced multi-touch gestures
iOS is the first OS thatsupport multi-touch gestures. Up to 10 touches point can be detected at onetime. This features greatly make ease of closing and switching between appswith less confirmation.
Smooth interface
iOS smoother than Android interm of interface reaction while scrolling, zooming, rendering, etc. This isdue to the OS itself is made for the devices and Apple customize the iOS basedon their hardware specifications. Compared with Android tablet that produced bynumbers of company such as; Samsung, Acer, Dell, Asus, etc. which produceddifferent hardware specifications lead to different performance in everydevices with same operating system.
Wide-range of applications
iOS exist before the existenceof Android OS. Therefore the number of apps available in iOS is more thanAndroid. Even though there might be a possibility that the number of Androidapps beat the iOS in the future, until now iOS still lead with wide-range ofapps from as silly as u can think into as complicated as development tools.

This is to conclude by thiswhole article that user has to see his benefits and thus buy the gadgetaccordingly. So, always try to get the thing that caters your needs betterrather than coming in the minds of others. These reviews are meant to give youthe best knowledge about the gadgets, so carefully opt. for your next device.


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