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INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook Beats Twitter In Video Sharing By A Landslide

How do you engage with online video?  Do you watch more online video on your computer, tablet or mobile device?  How and where do you share online video content?  A new infographic from Wistia, with data from a quarterly Ooyala report that analyzed the viewing behavior of over 100 million users, explores these questions and more.

‘Movies on the Move’ explores video engagement on desktops vs. tablets and other mobile devices.  According to the infographic (and Ooyala’s report), “more people watch online videos on their mobile devices than non-mobile ones.”  Key findings reporting on the infographic are as follows:
  • Mobile viewers have more patience – nearly 40% of mobile viewers watched three-quarters of a long-form video while only half as many were engaged that long on their desktops
  • iPhone is the most popular mobile device for watching videos (71.8%) followed by Android Mobile (21.2%)
  • For each minute of video watched on a desktop, 1 minute and 17 seconds are watched on a tablet
  • Facebook beats Twitter in video sharing – For ever 1 video shared via Twitter, 19 videos are shared on Facebook in Taiwan, 17 in Italy, 13 in Australia, and 9 in the United States
Check out the full infographic below to find out more and let us know what you think.  Are you surprised by these statistics?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments

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