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Apple iphone 5- A new way to look around the technology

Now, it’s the time to keep an eyeon the latest gadgets of the year 2012. 2011 was also the year of revolution interms of hand held devices but with the advent of latest inventions insemiconductor processing, here we have much good and high end devicesexclusively to those who needs a change in technology now and then.

When we talk about 2011 it wasgoogle chrome, chromebook, iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and many more that were launchedand found good shares in the markets. Now, we have upgraded versions for thesewhich would replace these gadgets at no time. Now, within no time we will haveApple’s iPad 3 and iphone 5 and above all you all are waiting for the releaseof Microsoft’s very friendly operating system- windows 8.

Apple iPhone 5, certainly is oneof the famous gadget for the year 2012. Apple not very generous in launchingits earlier product- iPhone 4S as it disappointed fans much.  Even this very device made many changeswithin it like addition of voice-recognizing personal assistant Siri and super 8-megapixel camera, thusoverall the phone looks very similar to its predecessor iPhone 4. This upcomingphone would contain Apple’s latest and finest A5 processor chip, it would alsocontain iCloud service which connects you to the cloud computing, 4- inchscreen size and above all much higher-resolution camera.

Notification Center makes all alerts to show atone single notification center
This gadget will make your tasksmuch flexible since it provides all the alerts at one place, so need not tosurf around the folders. The various alerts like email notification, texts,friend requests and the list go on.  You haveto just swipe from the top to enter Notification Center.  You can also check stock ticker and currentweather conditions at your place.  Thisvery notification doesn’t interrupt your latest application thus need not to switchwithin applications. You can also access the center while the phone is lockedby just a single swipe. So, this is the top service offered by this phone.

iMessage entirely devoted to iOS 5 users
This service gives you a new wayof messaging. You could send unlimited text messages via Wi-Fi or a #G networkfrom this device to any I generation device. This is a message applicationwhich is divided into sub-categories like text, photos, videos and the othertypes using special sending protocols which are responsible to different types.So, keep a loop formation by this great application within your friends. So,this would be completely online. You can find that which friend of yours istyping and thus you can apply security encryption too.
So, this is a brief review foryour latest upcoming device and for more information you can visit http://www.apple.com/in/ios/features.html.


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