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Flexible AMOLED Screen from Samsung

Samsung's new display technology to bring AMOLED Screen. production of this new flexible AMOLED display will begin in the second quarter of 2012 and centered on the Samsung Mobile Display 5.5Gen factory.
in the presence of this flexible display technology will open up opportunities gadget gadgets with the flexibility features. although in fact it is difficult to apply because of components of that no one has a flexible design.
forming material comprises an AMOLED display, a special plastic that is at the top.
Currently Samsung Mobile Display to mass produce flexible AMOLED screen in 2012 which aimed at the smartphone device to watch. For that Samsung Mobile Display has made a joint venture with Ube Kosan. Ube Kosan is a company from Japan that could make the plastic substrate material to be delivered to Samsung Mobile Display. To make this flexible display mass Samsung Mobile Display will increase its production capacity by expanding the factory area of 1000 square meters. According to DisplaySearch, the flexible display market will reach 2.4 billion dollars in 2015.

See this video for AMOLED screen

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