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2012 Technology Trend Predictions

Gartner's managing vice president, Daryl Plummer, describes anyone who utilize the technology must be ready to adapt to the cloud and consumerism. As quoted by Computerworld, IT companies in the future also have to manage its IT budget, either used for services until the security of data. While users want the speed of IT services.

But, here is the latest forecast 2012 Gartner predictions about technology versions:

1. Cloud services will be cheaper
vendors will be busy using cloud services because it's cheaper. Even the cloud technology will cut 15 percent of the leading outsourcing company's revenue in 2015

2. Will Social Networks Booming
Social networking sites will increasingly booming, despite the overlapping users. Along with that, big companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google and VMMare will also continue to grow.

3. High Connectivity
About 50 percent of email users will access office email from a browser, tablet or smart phone device. It also supports the increase in users of instant messaging, web conferencing and social networking.

4. Rampant Mobile Application Developers
The number of mobile application developers targeting smart phones and tablet devices will beat PC applications. The ratio reached 4:1 in 2015.

5. Increased Cloud Service Users
About 40 percent of the company will transfer its data from a server or regular storage to the cloud until 2016. This means the demand for increased data security company

6. Public Cloud Will Rise
More than 50 percent of the 1,000 global companies will use the public cloud in 2016. It was to streamline costs enterprise IT

7. Reduce IT Spending
35 percent of corporate IT budgets will be managed outside the IT department itself in 2015. Some of the IT budget will be relocated to another part

8. Transfer of IT Manufacturing Company
20 percent of the company that used to take IT manufacturing goods from Asia will move to the United States, including Latin America, Canada and the United States sendiri.Tapi several manufacturing companies related to intellectual property will be relocated from Asia to America

9. Cyberspace Crime Figures Rise
Cyberspace crime rates will increase 10 percent per year until 2016. So that will lead to new vulnerabilities in cyberspace

10. Additional costs for Global Energy
80 percent of the price of cloud services will incorporate elements of global energy to 2015. Energy use both natural and human resources will add to the cost structure of the then newly formed price

11. Companies Sued streamline data
About 85 percent of the 500 leading companies will fail in anticipation of its data efficiency. But the company will become increasingly competitive in 2015.

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