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How to Create Easy Collapsible and Expandable Lists in JavaScript

Here is a very quick and easy way to make your lists collapsible and expandable on clicks by using JavaScript. Now when presenting a long lists of item you can set them to remain collapsed on page load, but after that users can click and expand any of those list headings to see the full list of items. Unlike accordion, here users can easily open up all the lists one by one. Checkout the Demo of Collapsible and Expandable Lists which is created here.
First, just include a JavaScript file in your <header> section of the page -

<script src="http://www.acmeous.com/tutorials/demo/acmeousCollapsibleLists/acmeousCollapsibleLists.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
Then just below it, within the <header> section of your page, add the following code -

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
if (window.addEventListener) {
window.addEventListener("load", function(){makeCollapsible(document.getElementById('listCategories'), 1);}, false);
} else if (window.attachEvent) {
window.attachEvent("onload", function(){makeCollapsible(document.getElementById('listCategories'), 1);});
} else {
window.onload = function(){makeCollapsible(document.getElementById('listCategories'), 1);};
Here "listCategories" represents the id of the parent <ul>. If your parent <ul> has got some other id then make sure to replace that in here. The parameter value 1 here means that the lists will be presented in expanded condition when the page loads. You can set it to 0 if you want your lists to be collapsed on page load. Default is the expanded view.
Now within the <body> section your HTML should look like this -

<ul id="listCategories">
    <li>List by category
            <li><a href="#">Personal lists</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Dated lists</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Amount lists</a></li>
    <li>List by creation time
            <li><a href="#">1 month ago</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">2 months ago</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">3 months ago</a></li>
    <li>List by category
            <li><a href="#">Local lists</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">National lists</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">International lists</a></li>
That's it. You are done. Now check how the lists work. You can Try the Demo of Collapsible and Expandable Lists here.

It's Time To Act - Join Hands With Japan and Help Millions of Human Being

March 11 2011, 2:46pm JST, Japan: A massive earthquake of magnitude 9.0 hits the northeastern coast of Japan triggering extremely devastative tsunami waves which appeared in Japan just few minutes after the earthquake. This was the largest earthquake to hit Japan in a hundred years.

Warnings, precautions, and evacuations across the Pacific Ocean.

Effect till now: 7,508 people died, 11,700 people are injured or missing, and millions of people are affected by lack of electricity, water and transportation. Northeast Japan devastated. 6 nuclear reactors crippled.

If this is enough for you to react and start acting like a human being, then stretch your supporting arms of brotherhood to Japan who now needs international support to rebuild.

Support millions of people in Japan by donating whatever you can via The American National Red Cross.

You can also donate through Google Crisis Response

Find someone or submit information about someone

Fight Night Champion

                    Fight Night Champion


The Fight Night Champion improves upon its predecessor in all aspects and also adds an entertaining story mode which makes it the hotest buy amongs all the boxing game lovers .

Now this game has story-driven Champion mode whis is a great addition to the game also it has great-looking fighters who take realistic damage also just spamming punches is no longer an effective fight strategy.In other words its a total action pack game.

You might enjoy some success spamming punches on the easiest of the four difficulty levels or against inexperienced opponents online, but you need to master both the offensive and defensive controls to make it through Champion mode or to make a name for yourself elsewhere.

though it's only through practice that you can get a feel for the timing that's needed to open your opponent up for powerful counterpunching opportunities. You might have no intention of playing Fight Night Champion as a counterpuncher, but after being on the receiving end of a few counters , you'll be compelled to add them to your own skill set.

The storytelling is done via voiced dialogue in great cutscenes, and during fights coming courtesy of ESPN's announcers Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas as well as your trainer. The former are occasionally amusing and mostly accurate with their observations, and they even go so far as to comment on your performances in previous fights. You schedule fight after fight for your boxer, and juggle training, rest periods, and obligations to sponsors and the like between fights. .Creation tools are every bit as powerful as those in other games and once you're done perfecting your pretty boy, you have an opportunity to tailor his skill set so that the face you just spent so much time getting right doesn't become a showpiece for Fight Night Champion's excellent damage and blood effects.

The story-driven Champion mode is an entertaining addition to the series, and once you get into the it you might find that it's hard to put down . This game might not be remembered as the best boxing game of all time, but for now it's the champion.

New Mobile Models

Differences Between Strict and Transitional DOCTYPEs

Attributes which are deprecated in Strict DOCTYPEs:

  • align (allowed on elements related to tables only, like - col, colgroup, tbody, td, tfoot, th, thead, and tr)

  • target

  • language

  • background

  • link

  • hspace

  • noshade

  • nowrap

  • bgcolor

  • text

  • vspace

  • vlink

  • alink

  • height (allowed on img and object)

  • border (allowed on table)

  • width (allowed on img, object, table, col, and colgroup)

  • name (allowed in HTML 4.01 Strict, not allowed on form and img in XHTML 1.0 Strict)

Elements which are deprecated in Strict DOCTYPEs:

  • font

  • center

  • iframe

  • u

  • strike

Notable Contextual Differences:

  • Image and text contents now need to be contained within some block level elements like div or p

  • text in blockquote elements also must be contained in some block level element like div or p

  • input elements must not be direct descendants of a form element

Since Strict DOCTYPE drops some useful attributes, some web designers and programmers may prefer to use XHTML 1.0 Transitional over XHTML 1.0 Strict. Many designers still prefer to use target="_blank" at a high rate for their web pages where they don't want users to leave the current page. But it has been based on user studies that W3C has reached to the decision that target="_blank" is not a good practice when it comes to user experience. It should always be the users decision whether to open a new browser window or not, since they have choices when they are not forced to open a one. Second concerns has been raised for the start attribute of lists (specially ordered lists).

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

NFS Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit is a blisteringly fast racer game. This isn't a game in which you're rewarded for crashing or for jumping through billboards, but it is a game that encourages you to drive dangerously and give you an opportunity to take down your opponents by any means necessary. You have option to play both as illegal racers and as the cops that are chasing them and whole new variety of game play which is full of action , while spike strips, road blocks, and other satisfying countermeasures ensure that it doesn't feel quite like any racer that you've played before. It is for sure that if you play this hot racing game you won't be disappointed.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Licensed cars from the likes of Lamborghini, Aston Martin, and Porsche can be made to drift around curves with just a of touches on the brake, and you also earn nitrous by driving dangerously close to on coming traffic. Also, there are lots of hidden shortcuts available if you stray from the Seacrest County roads, and when you wreck your ride while , you're treated to a glorious slow-motion shot as panels buckle and debris starts to fly.

Cops and racers in Hot Pursuit benefit from impressive AI that makes them both formidable and occasionally unpredictable opponents and also make this game a must play for all the race games lovers.

Gmail Changes Refresh Link to Button - A Notable Use Case for Information Architects

Now this time it is a relatively small change in Gmail that caught my eyes, but definitely it was not that small to remain un-noticed. Yes, the Refresh feature of Gmail. Frankly speaking I used this feature very less cause I was in a habit of clicking the Inbox link rather, and it was from the time when Refresh feature was not even available to Gmail.

Recently I was using that Refresh link a bit and suddenly I noticed that it's no more a link. It has went up the Information Architecture ladder of Gmail and has been promoted to a button. Which means Google treats the refresh function to be as important as Archive, Report Spam, Delete or Move To actions. Definitely this is not something whimsical but result of good user research. I have noticed many users to use that Refresh feature profusely cause they can't wait to make sure that they really don't have any more new mails in their Inbox, though they are well aware of the push mail feature of Gmail.

I welcome the promotion of Refresh feature in Gmail while it is looking something odd as a new behavior which is definitely going to be adjusted with the eyes very soon.

So being a designer what you are thinking about? This is a very useful use case to notice and follow where we go through several iterations within our designs to make sure we can estimate the user activities and can provide them with the proper information architecture they needs.

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2's thrilling campaign and intense multiplayer make it an excellent game and a worthy follow-up to its superb predecessor.

Dead Space 1 took the style of survival horror shooter action exemplified by atmospheric deep-space setting and some terrific, distinctly sci-fi gameplay elements, creating something that felt unique.

Dead Space 2, on the other hand, will feel thoroughly  to those who have played the Dead space 1 but , few improvements over Dead Space 1 are minor tweaks rather than game changers. But blasting the limbs off of hideous necromorphs remains tremendously satisfying, and although the pacing lags a bit during the game's middle portions, dead space 2 is  more than enough scares and surprises to make stepping back into Clarke's suit extremely worthwhile. It has, a new multiplayer component successfully translates Dead Space's particular breed of horror and brutal combat into a pulse-pounding team-based experience that casts you as both humans and as the foul necromorphs. As long as you've got the heart for it, Dead Space 2 is one sci-fi horror thrill ride you definitely want to take.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Black Ops
Call of Duty: Black Ops maintains the series' standard superbly by delivering an courages campaign and best competitive multiplayer.

When a game series consistently delivers high-quality gameplay and envirnoment . Call of Duty: Black Ops has some big shoes to fill and gamers around the glob have huge expectations from it, . The engrossing campaign is chock-full of exciting, varied gameplay and drips with intrigue and intensity. The best multiplayer comes with some invigorating new features, and the new combat training mode finally gives new voice and a way to enjoy the competitive action without suffering the slings and arrows of outrageously skilled veterans. Cooperative zombie killing a makes Black Ops the most robustly featured game , and which makes it undoubtedly one of the best shooters of the year.

The single-player campaign is set largely during the 1960s and takes you to Cold War hot spots like Cuba, Russia, and Vietnam. You are an elite covert operative .The blurry edges of your consciousness conceal information that must come to light, and the erratic visual effects and eerie audio echoes that accompany your interrogations which bleed into your mission memories and creates a great tone of uncertainty that plays out in surprising and satisfying ways. The core running-and-gunning mechanics remain as exciting as ever, and the gameplay variety throughout the campaign keeps the action moving at a great clip.

Touch Studio 17, Dell aims to laptops with touchscreen

Touch Studio 17, Dell aims to laptops with touchscreen

Dell has begun offering its new portable U.S. Touch Studio 17, a computer that comes with Windows 7 and touch screen combination in fashion.
This notebook has a screen of 17 inches where we can work with our fingers. In fact we can do more than one at a time since Studio 17 Touch screen is turned. We offer Full HD resolution and yet we have to settle for 900p or whatever it is the same, 1,600 × 900 pixels.
The other basic features of this Dell Studio 17 and Touch are less striking. The processor is an Intel Dual Core T4300 (2.1GHz/800Mhz FSB/1MB cache) with 3GB of RAM DDR3 1066 MHz, 250 GB HDD, X4500 integrated graphics, six-cell battery and DVD type slot.
Sound handle 2.1 JBL speakers and how we have no HDMI output. The starting price of this configuration is $ 900. From there we can get more expensive as you go out of our pocket, you can choose from Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics, Blu-Ray, up to 1TB of hard drive and better processor.

New Apple laptop notebook computer would

New Apple laptop notebook computer would cost $800

iBook's are offered in two sizes, with screen 12.1 "or 14". Much more powerful but also more expensive PowerBook range from super-12.1 inch laptop models, up to the 17 ", and can be used successfully as a replacement for your desktop. Often copy: design an  iBook has become a landmark, but mobile computers from Apple are convincing and the features. Asus, extensive experience in all areas of computer technology.

Even Asus's reputation grows only very slowly in Europe, the producer with over 58,000 employees is one of the largest companies in the world.  Asus notebooks is sharing in two categories for consumer and two for business. In "Digital Home" computers come with monitors 15.4 "wide-screen and 17", especially for stationary use. Series "Multimedia" covers entertainment needs. To professional users with a large range of application is oriented devices in range "Professional", while travelers can take advantage of notebooks "Thin & Light".
Performance of full Asus V6889VLP proves to be a true champion speed.

Dell, good prices and feature unique sites, all available on the Internet.
Americans sell their notebooks exclusively through direct distribution to its online shop, allowing them to display some very cost effective prices. Latitude range is aimed especially at private users, starting from 670 Euro to the model 1200 and ending at Euro 2600 with the notebook for gaming, the XPS M170. For professional users is thought the Latitude series. X1 is ultra-portable models, which despite screen 12.1 "weigh only a little over one kilogram. On top of the performances are models D810 with ATI Mobility Radeon X600 graphics chip and back-lit wide-screen 15.4", and Precision notebooks, which can be used as mobile CAD station. Note: to Dell, the customer can configure the notebook itself, adapting to the needs of their internal configuration.

Samsung. If you are looking for a notebook that you can work a full day without
add it to a power source? In this case, according to Samsung's producer,  Samsung offers standard subnotebook's and notebooks with two batteries of different sizes. The portfolio is divided into two series subnotebook's Q25 and Q30 (Q25 models have and dock with optical drive), four X Series models (which always made time for use in vogue in our laboratories), in series P, very profitable, and R series, just as profitable....link

New E-Family Latitude Laptops

Dell Latitude E-Family laptops unite dependable, long-lasting design with professional style.

New E-Family Latitude Laptops
Full Featured, Inspired DesignPerformance Users, Unique Environments

Latitude E
Latitude Specialty
Form and function meet image stability and long lifecycles in this purpose-built family of business laptops.A range of specialty laptops engineered to perform wherever business takes you -- from in the field to back to school.

Dell modernizes its first multi-touch Tablet PC

Dell modernizes its first multi-touch Tablet PC

On Wednesday, Dell introduced a new version of its multi-touch, convertible Tablet PC (Latitude XT2), which was built as the first commercial Tablet PC that features multi-touch screen capabilities with a design that improves the security, increases the performance and maximizes the battery’s lifetime.

The price of the Latitude XT2 starts from $2,567 and it is available through http://www.dell.com/latitude. According to Dell, the new Tablet PC has a battery life of roughly 11 hours and 28 minutes with the use of two six-cell batteries. It has a full-size keyboard, a pointing stick and a pen that doesn’t need battery to operate. In this way, the user has more flexibility to enter information.
The multi-touch screen capabilities allow users to use natural gestures like a pinch or tap for scrolling, panning, rotating, zooming and more while they work with productivity applications they use every day. Contrary to the one-touch technology, Dell’s integration of multi-touch screen technology allows customers to use all the available space on the display. The Latitude XT2 can be  configured to work with more than 5GB RAM. It has Intel vPro support and DASH Dell ControlPoint System Manager, which means easier administration in a corporate environment.
“As part of our commitment to deliver the best mobility experience, Dell revolutionized the tablet space with the first multi-touch capable product that allows customers to use the entire screen”, said Brett McAnally, director, Dell Product Group in India. “Today, we’re extending that leadership with the Latitude XT2 to deliver more performance, security and manageability”.

Dell Tablet PC – Latitude XT3 Convertible

Dell Tablet PC

Need the functionality of a laptop but love the ergonomics and portability of a tablet?  Dell’s new Latitude XT3 convertible may be just what the doctor ordered.  The massive 13 inch screen actually rotates and folds back on itself converting this fairly powerful laptop into a tablet that outspecs most of its competition.

The dual core Sandy Bridge processor runs on a 2.5GHz Core i5-2420M CPU which makes battery life a bit of an issue but gives you the full-featured performance that most tablets can’t.  There’s only 2GB of RAM under the hood though, which somewhat limits just how hard you can make this thing work.
The screen has undergone a bit of an upgrade since this model was announced.  The touchscreen can recognize input from up to three fingers simultaneously but Dell was nice enough to include a stylus for those who like to be a bit more precise.
The magnesium frame makes this a bit of a beast.  It’s light but exceptionally strong, making it an excellent portable work station for all but the most rigorous outdoor environments.  And that bright little screen won’t get washed out in the harsh sunlight either.
There’s no official release date yet but promotional models are already circulating, so you know it won’t be long.  I’d expect a pretty hefty price tag on the XT3 convertible, given all that it can do and the power it packs underneath the hood.
Hit up the official Dell blog for more on the new Latitude lineup.

Pentax Optio WG-1 GPS Camera

It seems to me that these outdoorsy types that are relying on new fangled high technology are just setting themselves up for failure but I can’t help but admit I’m jealous of some of these gadgets. Take the new Optio WG-1 GPS camera from Pentax.

Yes, Pentax. It’s a compact and extremely rugged little point and shoot camera (that comes in black, yellow, and green) with a 14 megapixel sensor
There’s a 5X optical zoom that give you decent range and a 2.7 inch LCD on the back (which seems kind of small in comparison with the rest of these puppy’s spec’s).
It’s also shockproof and “crushproof” as long as whatever is crushing it doesn’t weigh more than 220 pounds. You can even take it for a dive down to 33 feet without risking compromise waterproofing.
The integrated GPS is great too but I wouldn’t buy the camera just for the GPS. In fact, if you want one without, you can get it for $50 less (and in purple!)
Another of the cool and probably understated benefits is that this camera will shoot in sub zero temperatures. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to take candid snapshots on a ski trip but having a shooter that actually works in the cold will definitely make it a lot easier.
It will shoot HD video but only in 720p (though there is a handy HDMI out).
It’s not exactly cheap at $399 but it beats replacing a $200 camera every time you go on a bit of an adventure.
Head over to the Pentax Imagine website for an introduction to the next member of your Zombie apocalypse Survival Party..LINK

SmartLab Recon 6.0 Rover Brings Kids Into the Golden Robot Age

Those of us old enough to remember the Jetsons are more than likely disappointed that we don’t have automated robots to wait on us hand and foot quite yet.  However, the younger generation is getting their fix of artificially semi-intelligent silicon delight with SmartLab’s new Recon 6.0 Rover.  The little treaded robot comes with a microphone and speaker so they can scare friends and visitors alike with pre-recorded messages and is easily programmable (unlike most DVRs).
That’s right–the cool thing about this toy is that it’s not remote controlled.  Similar to a hacked Roomba (but much cheaper) this toy relies on computer-style coding to tell it what to do.  That’s where the educational component comes in—kids have to learn to program the Recon 6.0 Rover to make it do what they want it to.
Don’t worry, your child won’t have to re-write Java or hand-code DOS.  There’s an LCD display on the front with several brightly colored buttons below (because kids like brightly colored buttons, right) and the Rover comes with an owner’s manual with everything you need to know to get started.
Kids (or pesky co-workers) can program it to wage cubicle warfare, chase the family dog, or annoy a bratty sister.  And for $60 this thing is cheaper than Tickle-Me Elmo was back in the day—you do know what Tickle-Me Elmo was, right?
So, head on over to SmartLab Toys for the full spec’s and to order yours today.

Motorola and Android: Xoom Tablet Pricing Announced

Motorola and Android

For those of you anxiously awaiting the Motorola Xoom tablet, you don’t have that much longer to wait.  While you can’t pre-order one yet, you’ll most likely be able to do so within a week.  But the good news is you finally know how much you’re going to have to scrounge up if you want to get your hands on one of these snazzy Honeycomb tablets.

The 32 GB 3G version will be available from Verizon and will cost a whopping $799 without any applicable discounts or deals.  The Wi-Fi only version will be available starting at $600.00.  And if you want to wait a little while, the Xoom will be 4G capable sometime later this year.
That’s not cheap but if you remember the iPad sticker shock upon release, you’ll see that this Xoom pricing falls right in line.
As for specs, the official word is that the final retail models will sport a 1 GHz dual core Tegra 2 processor.  There’s a 5 MP camera (for you shutterbugs out there) “complete” with 720p recorder—which is a little disappointing.  However, the Xoom will support full HD (1080p) video playback.
The Xoom also comes with 32 GB of onboard storage and a battery that’s rated for 10 hours of consecutive use.
It still seems a bit pricey to me but if you want more specs or to stare at some pretty pictures until this thing hits store shelves,  head on over to Motorola for all the details.