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WeraMouse is a Handheld Mouse


A revolution of PC mouse has arrived to the stage where you will have no need to operate your mouse on a desk, while controlling you pointer using the wireless technology.

WeraMouse, the latest handheld mouse is one of them. It has a small form and shape like an egg. There is a big hollow in the center for your finger to jab in and hold it like holding a cup of coffee. There are two basic version of WeraMouse. One with trackball and the other with touchpad. You will also find two standard mouse button with the scroll button in the middle. It might looks a bit far from the trackball, and thus require a little thumb stretching to reach the mouse buttons.

WeraMouse handheld mouse have over 24 hours nonstop operation on your first charge, and you can use it at the range of 25 feet away from your PC thanks to the wireless technology of this uncommon mouse.

It is priced at $99 for the trackball version (no pricing for the touchpad version yet). If you are interested, you can go to WeraMouse site to order them.



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