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Page - 5 RFID gets attached to the bottle cap Aneez | Mar 23 2007 A Japanese firm has pioneered the idea of embedding RFID tags in bottle caps to kee

The Port of Oakland, the first major port on the Pacific Coast and the fourth busiest container port in the USA has announced that it is embracing RFID technology to make its trucking operations more efficient under a strong security atmosphere.

For which, the California-based Port of Oakland has decided to adopt active RFID system of WhereNet Corp, a wireless asset tracking and management solutions provider.

Under the program, RFID tags will be embedded to the trucks that ship material to Port of Oakland facilities. These tags will contain all the vital information about the trucking companies who take their trucks to the port. Using RFID readers, the port authorities will read the tags as they enter into the Oakland International Container Terminal.

Commenting on the proposed RFID program, Mike O’Brien, security officer for the Port of Oakland explains,

While enhancing security measures is always a work in progress, we consider beginning to identify and track trucks on our premises with the latest technology as an important step forward...LINK



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