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Page - 3 Axcess International debuts ActiveTag RFID, an automatic personal identification solution Ritu | Sep 9 2008 A leading provider of Dual-Acti

A new half size aluminum RFID inlay would be available in next month, according to Omron Corp, one of the global leader in automation, sensing and control technology. The new half -size HF (13.56MHz) aluminum RFID inlay is approximately 50 percent smaller than its current card sized product. The second product is based on Omron’s V730 HF aluminum range and it is compliance with ISO/IEC 15693 standards.

Omron’s existing card-sized HF aluminum inlay is slightly smaller than an average business or credit card. The extension of aluminum coil antenna RFID inlays includes two HF types and three UHF band types. Initially, Omron has launched aluminum based inlays to complement its copper based products. Now, both aluminum and copper-based RFID inlays are available in card size as well as half size formats.

The HF RFID inlays are used in library management systems, where they are used in labels attached to books. While the card sized labels are used in Europe and Japan, and half size labels are used in some parts of Asia Pacific. The company is cooperating with other companies to provide converted products, including laminated inlays and plastic tags. Additionally, the company is committed to respond flexible customer requests for aluminum-based inlays in formats and shapes other than card-size and half-size...LINK



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