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Page - 10 BagChip Program assists airlines to find missing baggage Bhagaban Sahu | Nov 29 2006 $750m is the amount that global airline industry spend

Hong Kong Disneyland, the fifth Disneyland in the world has introduced an RFID-enabled fingerprint scanning technology, which would protect its customers’ fingerprint data and privacy in a simple process.

The biometric ticket system, which carries RFID tags, takes 50 points of a fingerprint stored in a numerical value. Then it runs the number through an algorithm and adds encryption to it.

The advanced ticketing system also identifies physiological data beneath the finger to monitor blood flow and cartilages to expose the prosthetic or fake fingers to get into.

David Shek, senior analyst of IT security, Hong Kong Disneyland said,

We didn’t want to take the customers’ entire fingerprint [image] and have to implement a security structure to properly protect that data.

With the introduction biometric ticket system in the Hong Kong Disneyland, the annual pass holders are now not required to produce photo ID card to authenticate their identity while entering into the theme park...LINK



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