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Facebook also Doesn’t Support Opera - Is Opera Abolished?

Is Opera going to be abolished very soon? It was my first thought when I saw that I can’t login to Facebook on Opera. You can’t even type in your Email address in the login field of Facebook, while you are on Opera! I am sure that Facebook knows this and is fine with it. So is it an indication that like several others, Facebook also doesn’t care about Opera users.

When Yahoo! preferred to put Opera out of their supported browsers list, may be that was the mere beginning. A beginning of the end of Opera? Google also doesn’t support Opera for many of its applications. So is it a harsh truth that in the age of Web Applications, Opera is going to be abolished by all?

It is not an astonishing fact that a browser which has the lowest performance with JavaScript will not be a winner of the browsers war. And may be the end of Opera is heading soon. But still I think Opera has a considerable share for Mobile Apps. Opera mini may be much more successful in this matter. Opera for mobiles has reached million of mobiles and is running quite fair till now, though Google Chrome and Safari are also not much behind in this matter.

Whatever be the end result, it again shows the moral that whoever is not going to update and refined with respect to the variable needs of time, will be abandoned.


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