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How to enable cURL support for PHP in Apache on Windows

So you want to enable cURL in your Apache Server? It is really easy and simple. But first you should check whether you have cURL already enabled on your server. Here is a very simple way to check:

Create a phpsetup.php file and put this code within it:

<? phpinfo(); ?>

Now view that phpsetup.php page from your browser and you will get all the details of your PHP setup on your server. Search for the “cURl support”. If you can’t find it then cURL support is not enabled on your system. But if you can find it and it shows “enabled” then you already have cURL enabled on your system.

So now if cURL is not enabled on your system then you can easily enable cURL by the following method:

Locate the following files:

Search for ;extension=php_curl.dll

Remove the semicolon at the starting of the line. Removing the semicolon makes the line uncommented and enables it.

Generally in most cases, just editing the first php.ini file which is in bin\apache\apache2.x.x\bin\php.ini, enables cURL on your server. But if editing the first file doesn’t enable cURL then you will need to edit the other files too.

Now just restart your Apache server and your cURL has been enabled on your server.

Check your phpsetup.php page again and search for the “cURL support” to verify if curl has been properly enabled.


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