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Happy New Year to all the Visitors of Acmeous

Very warm wishes to you all for the New Year. Wish this year brings more love and happiness to your life and opens up more ways for you towards more success. At the same time I wish you to continually be a part of this Blog as ever. Everybody use to make new resolutions for the coming year to do and maintain several goals and promises. But when I was thinking about what should be really beneficial resolution for my New Year, then I understood that what else can it be other than promising my users more valuable and useful resources on my this Blog.

First of all I will like to thank you everyone who has ever visited my Blog and has been a part of its development. It’s you my reader, who makes me successful and so its all for you. When I see at the past statistics of my Blog I always see lots of day to day contributions of my readers. So whatever is here is just for you and only you. I am here because you are there. So very special Thanks to you all - my readers.

This Blog was never born out of any Business idea or for monetization. When I started blogging I had two thoughts in my mind. One was to help people with the problems I used to face while Web Designing and Development. And another was to make a place for me in the Web. When I look back to the history of this Blog I see that I have came a very little way and have to go long. Still fighting to make the Web a more suitable and usable platform for everyone. My sole aim was to make a very useful platform for everyone but with a difference.

So this year you will be seeing much more useful tips and tricks for you to use and improve. More resources will be added on to my network which I have already planned for and will definitely be helping you more. Something which not only helps you but should really be improving your skills, personas and soul, is my gift for this New Year to all my readers.

What is Validation and why validation is important?

Validation is a process of checking webpages against Web Standards, mainly those which are published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Validation is done for HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, CSS, RSS/ATOM Feeds, XML-derived Web document types, WapForum for WML, etc. Every language has its own grammar and syntax and so every document designed with these computer languages are expected to follow these guidelines and rules so that they are standard complaint. The markup languages of all versions use a specific declaration called Document Type Declaration (DTD) which is machine-readable grammar, inherited from SGML. When a webpage passes through this validation process then the page is called valid.

Validation is also a kind of Quality Control for Webpages around the World Wide Web which does not assure everything but suggests being a good criterion for webpages. Validated pages are expected to perform consistently over different platforms and are almost assured to be errorless, stable and user friendly. Validation is done against the DTD it specifies to be using and following.

There are several reasons why validation is important:

Consistency: Whatever you design on a webpage is presented by different browsers in different ways. So if you don't follow the standards the presentation of your design maybe different with different browsers since the browsers tends to follow the standards as much as possible. Validated codes are predicted to be consistent over various browsers and operating systems, since you can't check on all of them.

Uniform correction by browsers: Whenever you write some code which the browsers may not be aware of, they try to guess and present the webpage as per their understandings. Different browsers have different understandings and guesses.

Page Loading Time: Browsers are habituated to render standard codes. If you don't follow the standards, then it will make the browsers think and will increase your page loading time making your site slow.

Search Engine Friendly: Creating websites by the standards makes the pages search engine friendly too. Search Engines always loves standard coding techniques.

Future Compliance: Technologies and devices change every time. Several new technologies and devices are being introduced daily. So if your site is by the standard then you can ensure your site to be in compliance with future technologies.

Accessibility: If you are going by the standards and proper guidelines, then your site is also predictably accessible to assistive technologies. Thus you are also getting advantage on accessibility point of view which is a better quality control for your site.

Coding satisfaction: After all it gives you a satisfaction of generating codes which are by the proper standards and accepted almost everywhere. Clean and high quality coding is also good to look at.

So now as you got the importance and advantages of validating your code, you can easily validate your pages at http://validator.w3.org.

SEO Tip: Promote the links linking to you, backlink the links which are backlinking you

I think you obviously know that it is very good to get backlinks from different sites to your site. If you don’t know then please read what is Backlinking and how it can help you in SEO. Now you can find out easily that which sites are linking to your site and its content. This can be done through any analytics software you use or even through some free online tools available.

So now when you see that some site is providing link to your site, say thanks to that site. As you know getting linkbacks means getting traffic and money, so it’s good to be grateful this time and say thanks in a more beneficial way. You can backlink to that site just to show your gratitude for linking to your content. In this way that site will also have some traffic ranking and hence some money, with your help. So this will be better “thanks” for that website.

Now are you thinking that why I will do all these just to say thanks to that website? Other than the fact that you are helped by the website, there is another reason which tends to play by your side. This is a way to make the links strong which links to you, and hence making yourself strong. You are increasing the value of the pages which are linking to you and hence indirectly increasing your own value. As you definitely know that the value you get out of your backlinks is very much dependent on the value of the pages backlinking you.

So now on say thanks to everyone who is linking to your pages in your style and benefit yourself. But not only to benefit you, it’s a good consideration to give and get. After all, that site has also considered linking to your content and may expect something back from you. This will also help you to make a trusted network of good neighbors around you.

How to decrease the size of Flex Applications

While working on Flex you may have noticed that the application you design on Flex many times takes up a bit more disk space than it is intended. There are still some methods through which you can significantly decrease the size of those Flex applications up to 60-70 percent. Here is the detailed video of those processes to decrease the file size of your Flex files. Here you can see how a very simple Flex application of 375461 bytes is reduced to 50661 bytes.

SEO Tip: What is backlink and how backlink can help you

Backlinks are incoming links to a website or a web page i.e. links which are linked to that website or webpage. This is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website or that page and also helps to determine the relevancy of the page. As per the number of backlinks to a website, the value of the website for search engines is evaluated. The backlinks to a page indicates how much people are interested in that page. It also means that if your site or a page in your website has many backlinks then many webmasters or bloggers are paying attention on your website or to that particular page. Backlinks are also called as inbound links, inlinks, incoming links, and inward links.

Search Engines use these backlinks of a website to determine how relevant the site for a particular keyword is. The number of backlinks to a website evaluates its importance to the search engines. Websites often employ various techniques (called search engine optimization) to increase the number of backlinks pointing to their website. Many times Search Engines index your site whenever they get a backlink to your site from another site. So as many links pointing to your site, your site gets crawled that many times. This also helps you to keep your site always updated at the search engine’s index.

The value of a backlink to a website or page is determined through several factors. Not only just having some backlinks fulfills the job of getting importance in search engines. Search Engines provide high values to backlinks from authoritative sites on a given domain. Only relevant backlinks are believed to have strong influence on the search engine rankings of a webpage or website. Another important factor which determines the importance of a backlink is its anchor text through which the page is linked. Anchor text is referred to the text used to hyperlink a webpage. Search engines use to check the anchor text and the content on the linked webpage to confirm relevancy. The Search Engines also expect a relevancy between the content of the two WebPages which are linked.

So, from now try building up as many backlinks as you can for your website and take your site higher in the search engine rankings. This process of building backlinks to a website from different sites is called link-building. So to make sure that your site comes up in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) you have get some backlinks from sites which have relevant content and link your pages with similar anchor texts. The sites which provide content similar to your website are called good neighbors and those who are different from your domain are called bad neighbors. So try to build backlinks from good neighbors and get good search rankings.

Remember one thing, backlink to a webpage doesn’t improve the ranking of the whole site directly, it improves the value of that particular page only. Then those good ranked pages of your website help to bring up the whole website. So if you are building backlinks to your website then try to do it all over your website and not just to particular 2-3 pages.