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Yahoo Filters are Not Working - You Are Loosing Your Mails

Ya, its right. Yahoo! has a mail filtering option, through which they say that you can take different decisions on your mails as per your choice. You can move different mails from different addresses to different folders, you can forward some mails. You can filter them on basis of sender address or subject, or even through content. Thats all they say. But recently this feature is not available with the new Yahoo! mail and they request to access that interface through their old Yahoo mail Classic. But they assure that any changes made there effects on new mail system also.

But it happened to be a shock to me when I found my favorite web mail going wrong. I was not receiving some mails from some addresses. Later on I found out that those addresses were filtered by me to come on to separate folders. Yahoo! filters were not working at that time and I lost some mails. That was a very rare case with Yahoo! and may be Yahoo! going on with some problems right now, but it has it. Thats not a well impression with a 6 year old customer. But still I may say that I am much happy with Yahoo! Mail since last 6 years. But you better clear some filters for few days, thats for your security, playing on the safe side.

Creating .htaccess in Windows - Renaming a File With No Filename

For having anything on the web we need .htaccess file for full control on our servers and folders. But who are using Windows, you always have found much trouble in renaming a file to .htaccess. Windows gives an error that file can't be renamed as it has no file name. It only consists the extension. Windows doesn't support this type of files. But in Linux you can easily do it.

So, now for windows users I have a solution for you. You can easily do it from your command prompt. Just run your command prompt, go to your directory, then type the following command.

ren .htaccess
Here replace with the name of the file you are trying to rename. Now you can easily have a .htaccess file in your Windows directory. Similarly you can create any file with any extension and any filename, even without filename or extension.

By the way, a file with filename starting with a '.' in Linux, is always a hidden file.

Reasons to think about your Job

Ask yourself these 8 questions before you are thinking anything about your Job.

1. Do you enjoy your Job?
Working can never be a tension or an engagement. Working should be enjoyable and a place to have fun with your success or even with your stress. But if at any point you think that you are not at all enjoying your Job, but its going to be harder for you to stick on it, Then please don't stick on that. If you are thinking you are just doing a job as per your responsibility, then you are just, making yourself a fool. One day you will be annoyed of yourself and may hurt your near ones as well as yourself also. Don't help stress and tension conquer you, but you conquer them.

2. Are you making satisfactory money?
Ya, it may sound cheap, but its truth. Its a matter of great attention where your life and responsibilities meet together to make you think of something more. Its always a kind of satisfaction and a feeling of security, at least to your dear ones. Here comes the part where you really have to market yourself to your employers and prove yourself to be the best of your Job, whatever it is. If you can make yourself best at your work, you are going to be marketed well and financially strong as well.

3. Whatever you do, is that a necessity to your Company?
Whatever Job you do at your Company, are you the one who making impression of that on the Company? Does you are the one, whom Company can't think without? Thats where your importance and your work's importance matters. Because the work you do will fetch you importance of that level as essential it will be. So think of making your Boss dependent on you, not that he is threatening you always to sack.

4. Are you making a difference?
It means does you make a impact on the Company you are working in. It means how different you are from other employees. How much you mean to your Company and how far the Company can think of without you. Try to be someone whom your Company can't lose at any cost. How many innovative ideas can you think off for your Company in a month? Try to be that person who holds a position in your Company for ideas and business, not only for technical or managerial works.

5. Are you the one who contributes to the Business?
Ya, whatever you think you are never for any other reason rather than just Business, in the Company. If the Company gets something from you that accelerates its Business, then you are a jewel to the Company. But if you are the one who works 12-14 hours a day, solves hundreds of technical problems, manages thousands of employees and goes home to sleep, you are nothing for the Company. ya, its truth. Because the Company is not there to feed you, its there to do Business. So try to improve the Business and as directly as you can.

6. Are your dear ones happy with your Job?
You may be thinking you are doing well with your Job, but believe me its only your near and dear ones know that how much you deserve. You may sometimes under or over estimate yourself. But those who know you well, will not make that mistake so easily and will give your proper assessment for yourself. And believe me its important.

7. Are you getting time?
Its not for working, but its for your friends and family and more for YOU. After all you do everything just to lead a happy life having some fun with your loved ones. If you can't share your success with your family and friends, then thats not a success. Lastly you need some time to think just about yourself. Where life is taking you and how far you are going to fulfill your desires and that of your loved ones. Its all about enjoying your independence and also your responsibilities. So please have some time for yourself also, its the most valuable use of it.

8. How valuable you are outside your Company?
It matter most when you are thinking for a change. If you sometimes think of changing your Job, you have to take on some other opportunities. So you have to think how valuable you are outside your Company so that you are in a good position before you think of leaving your current Job. That you provide you with the guts you need to write your resignation letter and throw it at your Boss.

So what are you thinking about your Job now? You want to quit? Then just take on a paper and write down your resignation right now. And if you are thinking you are in a quite good situation, then just enjoy your work day by day, more and more.

Google donates 1.5 Million to relief efforts in Myanmar and China

As we got the disastrous news of earthquake in southwest China and Cyclone in Myanmar, Google come out to help the victims with utter consideration. Google not only donated 1.5 million us dollars to the related societies helping the victims out of the disaster, but now urging its Adsense publishers to provide optimum help from their part. Google has projected a help interface for China earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone victims. This enables people to provide their help to the victims easily and fast through Unicef, Direct Relief International, Mercy Corps and Tsinghua Foundation.

This is a very noble act for the human being on the earth. This enhances the feeling of humanity and realizes people of whole world that whatever we are and whatever we do, we are for each other. I hope I would have so much money to help at least 1% of the victims out there, I would had felt much relieved and happy.

So, its a call for all the people out there. Please help the other part of us, to survive and live. Please help who are nothing but just another one like you and me and are suffering from great financial, emotional and relational loss. you can donate those organizations working to help them through Google at
You can also urge your website's visitors to donate through widgets provided by Google, on your website. Add gadget for China or Myanmar (Burma) in your website and encourage other to help mankind.

I wish everyone come out of the disaster very soon and start leading a normal life again, though I know its not so easy.

How to Enable/Disable Javascript in Internet Explorer

JavaScript is enabled in every browser by default. It helps you to show up dynamic JavaScript actions on the websites you visit. But if you wish not to execute any JavaScript in your browser you can simply put the support for JavaScript off from your browser. You can also turn off or on JavaScript in Internet Explorer.

Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Custom Level. A pop-up opens and there you will find lots of options to enable and disable or to prompt. Now scroll down to the last. The one before the last option is about JavaScript. You can see there is the options forScripting -> Active Scripting. Thats the option for JavaScript. You can enable/disable it from there. Or you can set it to prompt you whenever a web page tries to load a JavaScript.

Opera specific Css Hack - Writing Opera specific codes

CSS has always been painful in cross browser platform. But we can solve almost all problems arising on different browsers, through browser specific CSS Hacks. Previously I have wrote how you can write Browser specific CSS codes, and optimizing your site for different browsers. But there I had not wrote much about Opera (except choosing another CSS file for Opera). But now here is a cool technique to easily optimize your site for Opera browser.

To show something to Opera only use the @media all and (min-width: 0) hack. Follow this example:

/*Visible to only Opera*/
@media all and (min-width: 0) {
#wrapper {
margin: 20px;
width: 200px;

This is very much effective on Opera and hides the content within the @media all and (min-width: 0) section from all other browsers. This content is only visible to Opera and hence now you can specify specific properties in your CSS for Opera only and make your site beautiful and perfect to Opera also.

JavaScript Trick - Shaking browser window

Here is a trick that how you can shake the screen with JavaScript? JavaScript has many powerful functionalities that can be used to perform many interesting and unconventional ideas. Here is one funny thing that you can do with JavaScript. This is just for fun but a nice script to play with.

Just copy this script below and paste in your browsers address bar. Then hit enter and see what happens to your browser screen. You will enjoy it.

javascript:function flood(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 15; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--){self.moveBy (1,i);self.moveBy(i,0);self.moveBy(0,-i);self.moveBy(-i,0); } } }} flood(6);{ var inp = " moc.topsgolb.suoemca//:ptth tisiv erom roF ? siht dekiL "; var outp = ""; for (i = 0; i <= inp.length; i++) { outp = inp.charAt (i) + outp ; } alert(outp) ;}; reverse();

So now you have got a nice script to play with. Experiment on it tell me what else can you do with this nice scrap. This is a JavaScript for beginners to learn with. Hope you enjoy working with browsers windows in JavaScript like this.

CSS Trick - Removing on-click Dotted lines around links

Whenever you visit any website in Firefox, you many times may have noticed that a dotted outline appears around links whenever you click on them. This dotted outlines doesn’t comes in Internet Explorer. This thing happens only with Firefox. You may have thought that this thing doesn’t looks cool on your website. So here is a very easy solution to stop this behavior in Firefox.

You have to configure your a tag and a:visited tag to stop this. Just add this lines of codes in your css file and get reed of this unwanted behavior.

a {
outline: none;
a: visited {
outline: none;

This is all that does the trick and makes your website more cool.

Microsoft cancels Yahoo acquisition - Is the game really over

After so much marketing of Yahoo! acquisition by Microsoft, Steve Ballmar, the CEO of Microsoft said that they have withdrawn the deal over Yahoo!. Though Yahoo! said to be unsatisfied with Microsoft's offer of $31 per share, but Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo!, had always tried to get out of the deal. Now the cancellation of the deal has become a reality from Microsoft.

But according to Jonathan Miller, the former CEO of AOL, analyzes it a powerful negotiating tactics by Microsoft which is similar to what Oracle did to BEA systems. Oracle was offering BEA systems $17 per bid, whereas BEA were consistent on their bid of $21. Naturally, Oracle walked away from the acquisition. But the shareholders pressure obliged BEA systems to be back on the negotiation table, and both agreed to a deal of $19.38 per share price.

Now the question is, Is Microsoft trying to do the same thing? It is said that shareholders have filed seven lawsuits against the Yahoo! since February 21. So, I don't know how many lawsuits Yang can suite any more if the negotiation fails. I also not sure whether Ballmar is going to resign or he is going to be pushed down by Microsoft due to failure of this acquisition. I also doubt whether Microsoft was definitely going to acquire Yahoo!, or only had some buzz in Marketing world. Its something what only Steve Ballmar knows. If the acquisition was so important, then how he let it go?

As already known that Yahoo! was never happy to give up to the software giant, on an interview Yahoo! top executives were found pretty less excited to loose Microsoft's deal. That was something too obvious, but not on the face of Microsoft. But many of Yahoo! professional were thinking about a CEO to drive on them a new thrill.

Yahoo! may be talking on search engine advertising with Google and AOL. If any deal come into being, merger of these search giants will be a very heavy blow for Microsoft. I don't know whether they have to quit on search marketing.

How to Center Align a Website or Html Element Without Align Tag

To position a website or a div tag or p tag in the center of the screen from Internet Explorer 4 and up including all modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Netscape etc, we often use the align="center". Though this tag satisfies our aim and centers the element in the screen, but this tag is not recognized by W3 Validator as a valid XHTML content. Thats why if you are cautious enough about your website to be XHTML Validated, you can’t use it .

But websites positioned at the center of the screen always looks great and well-structured. The trick is to add some lines in your CSS. Just add text-align: center; to the body, this will make your website center aligned in Internet Explorer. Then add the usual margin: 0 auto; to the container selector which you want centered, this will make the element center aligned for all other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape etc. Apply text-align: left; on the container to counter the center align for body. See the following example to make clear idea:

body {
text-align: center; /* Center align for IE */

.wrapper {
margin: 0 auto; /* Center align for Good browsers like Firefox, Opera, Netscape */
text-align: left;
width: 960px;

So now you can easily have center aligned website or elements, without violating any XHTML specification. Thus your website will look as cool as it is and you will also have the W3 Validated page Logo on your Website.

How to change the User Registration Terms of use in PhpBB3 forums

Forums has been always a great platform for user interaction and group discussion as well as development. It has several striking features which attracts millions of internet users to take part in millions of board communities for many years. PhpBB had always been pioneering these events. Though some of its features may have become irritating to forum owners and moderators, still it is the number 1 forum management software available for free worldwide. One of the irritating thing is that it has no direct option to change the terms and conditions of users’ registration page from its administration panel. So you will need to achieve it in other way.

Go to your forum root directory, open language directory, then en directory, then open the ucp.php file. In that file find 'TERMS_OF_USE_CONTENT'. There you will find the content which appears on the screen when a user tries to register in your forum. You can edit this content as you like and save it, which will take effect in the page where users try to register in your forum.

So from now you will not need to bear any unwanted user terms or conditions, which bother you whenever a user tries to get more familiar with your forum. Please your upcoming users with most sweetest messages you want to show them.

How to add the RSS Feed icon in the address bar of browser

Today every website needs syndication to be published around the web. There are many types of syndication available today. the most popular syndication is RSS 2.0. You can see in every Web 2.0 websites, they have RSS feed for their sites. All Content Management Systems(CMS) and Blogging Softwares(eg. Wordpress) or forum softwares(eg. phpBB, vBulletin), provide you with RSS and Atom feeds by default. You can place them anywhere in your website. But it is necessary(rather conventional) to put the little red striped RSS icon at the right end of user's browsers' address bar.

So, here is the technique is to put that RSS icon at the right corner of the address bar, which will point to your website’s feed. Here is a simple piece of code that you have to incorporate in the head section of your website.

link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS 2.0" href="your_site_feed_url"

This piece of code will automatically show a RSS feed icon at the right end of users’ address bar and whenever a user will click on it, it will take him/her to your website’s feed page.

Microsoft cancels Yahoo! Acquisition deal - a joy for Yahoo!

From the last three months, we have been hearing about Microsoft's eye on Yahoo!. We also heard about different imaginations that people were giving on the change in Yahoo!'s services when It will be under Microsoft. Many people were even talking about the name of the company, whether it will be Microhoo or Yacrosoft. But all these adventures came to an end when Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmar, clarified that no more on Yahoo! deals, and he is taking of the deals.

Microsoft's offer to Yahoo! was $31 per share in a combination of stock and cash. That was a premium of more than 60% on Yahoo!'s present stock price. Yahoo!, however, predicted this price to be too low for them. As you can get it was a statement of negotiation from Yahoo!. But it was always very clear that Jerry Yang, CEO of Yahoo!, didn't liked his Company to fall into the hands of that software giant. Jerry Yang was very much willing to do almost anything to prevent that - even to take upon a deal with their market rival Google.

Rumors say that Microsoft and Yahoo! were in talks for last one year while Microsoft realized that Microsoft's search engine was losing the total market share to Google. Microsoft getting terrified with Google's lead in the market, started to think on new things. Though researches say that combination of both Microsoft and Yahoo!, the 3rd and 2nd most popular search engines in the world, will still be far away from Google. Hitwise research says that Google got more than 67 percent of US searches this year, whereas Microsoft and Yahoo! together didn't even got up to 30%.
This maybe the reason why the acquisition had been put down by Microsoft. But still what goes on Microsoft's mind is a matter to see next.

DISCLAIMER: The content provided here is not warranted or guaranteed by Acmeous. The content provided here reply on sources, trusted for years over the internet, and are intended for entertainment and educational purpose. Readers discrimination is expected.

More results from 26,000 hacked MySpace accounts passwords and emails

Previously I wrote about the most common passwords that people use in their MySpace accounts. Read the article here.
Here are more details about the analysis of those 26,000 Hacked MySpace Account.

MySpace user's Age Analysis

63% of MySpace users are of the age group of 14-17. 24% is of the age group of 18-21, 9% is in 22-30yrs. So you got it ? 63% of MySpace users are teenagers and they are in school just.

E-Mail analysis results:

41% of MySpace users use Yahoo Mail, 24% use Hotmail, 18% use AOL, 5% use AIM, 3% use MSN. What a market share Yahoo has internationally.

Sex Analysis

63% of MySpace users are female while 34% users are male. I don't think thats a real data. Cause many guys are now trying to be females, to get on to other guys. But if this is true, then I don't know how there is so huge difference.

Sex Orientation

84% of MySpace users are straight, 2% are bi.

More on Password Study

Around 4500 have 6 digits, 6500 passwords have 7 digits, 5800 have 8 digits.
87% had password strength of level 2, 9% had level 1, and 4% had level 3.

PayPal Emails and passwords

Ya you heard it right. Many users have been found to use those combination of emails and passwords with PayPal. But don't worry the percentage is only 1%. But that also counts to 260 PayPal accounts.

Note: All information shown here are from http://www.cyber-knowledge.net/blog/2006/10/15/analyzing-26000-myspace-passwords. He has done much study and analysis on MySpace.

26,000 MySpace Hacked Accounts' passwords analyzed

MySpace, known as the most popular social networking site in the world has came into topics when some critics take it upon. One of such issues with MySpace has always been its security. Here I am giving you the most common passwords that people use on MySpace in their accounts. This is a result of the study from 26,000 passwords, which has been got from a internet phishing site.

password1 - 63
abc123 - 42
iloveyou1 - 19
fuckyou1 - 16
myspace1 - 15
123abc - 14
number1 - 14
password - 13
loser1 - 13
iloveyou1 - 13
soccer1 - 13
princess1 - 13
monkey1 - 12
nicole1 - 12
purple1 - 12
qwerty1 - 12
fuckyou - 12
fuckyou2 - 12
iloveyou2 - 12
monkey - 11

So, from now checkout your password for your account before thinking that you are safe on a Social Networking website. And anytime if you see your account behaving anonymously then change your password as soon as possible. By the way i think we should change our passwords at least once in a month. That helps a lot sometimes. What say guys ?

Making millions of friends on MySpace automatically in minutes

MySpace, the most popular Social Networking site has been the place of interest for all kinds of people over the internet. And I think the most fun in MySpace is in making friends from all over the world. Taking to them, seeing their Photos, Videos and lots more of fun that people of all ages enjoy at MySpace. Now its a pretty tedious process to find people, go to their profiles fully loaded with graphics, videos, photos and then asking them to add you. Its the most hard work that people do on MySpace.

Now here is an easy solution to your tiresome work. Now you can make friends automatically on MySpace. Just download GlitchCastFriendAdder 1.3. You need to have Perl on your system before you can use it. You can download many Perl systems for your machine as per your Operating System. This has been created by Eric Skiff and you will find the details here. You can contact the author of this script for installation problems or anything else you want.

Note: I have not used it till now and can't say whether it works or not, but many people have said it to be nicely working.

A Designers guide to Raster Graphics vs Vector Graphics

We use many graphics while Web Designing and also for many Printing purposes. We Design Logos, Banners, Advertisements, Greetings, Gradients, Textures and many more which we use here and there. But we should know first that which are suitable for which platform. Whatever Graphics we use are of two types, Vector and Raster or Bitmap. There are many differences of these two types of graphics and we should know where to use which one.

Raster Graphics

Whatever we see on Computers are Raster graphics. Whatever images we see and use are Raster graphics. Raster graphics are made of pixels, the smallest unit of digital display. Pixels are very very small squares of display which when combined together in large amount gives the total display on the Monitor. Whenever we design a Raster graphics, the informations describing the graphics are saved in pixels as their shape and bit information the color of the pixel. Thus whenever we see it, we see it as a collection of pixels, which generates the total picture. Raster graphics are also known as Bitmap Graphics.
This technique of image representation has some merits and some demerits. Raster graphics always display high quality of images and colors with good depth. When seen in original size, they are the best quality of electronic pictures. Complex shades, fills and gradients can only be rendered in raster graphics. But Raster graphics files are much heavier and larger. They are sometimes not easy to be transferred through the Internet. Whenever a Raster graphic is resized, it gets very much degraded in quality. A raster graphic cannot be used by changing its size. This is because of the fact that they are composed of some definite number of pixels. whenever you try to increase its size, computer have to add some more pixels in between those pixels. This is something like putting a small glass of water into a big vessel and asking it to take the whole empty place. So definitely it have to be adjusted with extra elements. Thats why Raster graphics don't perform well where image sized vary.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics on the other hand consists on some vector points only. Whenever we save a Vector Graphic, the graphic is saved as some vector points with some information as how to join those points, which determine how to redraw the graphic. Every time you see a vector graphic, it is redrawn and represented to you right at that moment.
This technique of graphic representation also has some merits and some demerits. Vector graphics don't get distorted while resizing, making it suitable for places where sized vary. Vector graphics are very much light and file sizes are small, making them easy to transfer around the web. But heavy graphics can't be represented in this manner. Thats why Vector graphics are not suitable for high quality images with gradients, shades and high fills. Vector graphics can't redraw high graphics which we see around the internet or in our computer. Thats why Vector graphics is suitable only for texts.

Where to use which ?

This is the main target you have to accomplish with this knowledge. Now you can easily understand where to use which graphics cause you know what are their advantages and disadvantages. Whenever you are working on high graphics with rich gradients and deep fills, you have to go for Raster graphics to get the quality. When you are working something that is going to be displayed on the Computer, you can use Raster graphics. but avoid using Raster graphics for Logos, since logos are highly targeted to resizing according to needs. But when you are using only texts and some normal color fills, you should use Vector graphics as this will give you high level of resizing capacity. Whenever you are working on something that is going to be Printed out on paper, Then always use Vector graphics (except for high end graphics), otherwise you will have very low quality of output.

Which applications support which graphics types ?

Now you should know while using any application that what type of graphics it is supporting. Adobe Photoshop, Corel PhotoPaint and Macromedia Fireworks and Paint Shop Pro are some of the Raster graphics or Bitmap graphics editors.
While Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW, Macromedia Freehand and Macromedia Flash are some of the Vector graphics editors.

What are the file formats for the two types of graphics ?

Common file formats for Raster graphics are .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tff.
Common universal file formats for Vector graphics include .eps, .wmf and .svg. While common file formats for Vector graphics are not so well stated as that of raster graphics. The formats are dependent on the application you are using. Like .fla, .swf for Flash, .ai for Adobe Illustrator, .cdr for Corel DRAW.

So, now you came to know why your printouts are not so accurate to what you make on your computer and may be why your logos look so untidy while they are used as icons ?

Changing the ScrollBar color of the browser for IE

Sometime the scroll bar in the browser doesn't matches with your websites style and design. You may have thought that it would had been nice if you can change the color of the scrollbar so that it becomes matching with your website colors. These are very much likely to happen when you design flexible width websites, which take on the total width of the browsers. So here is the process to change the color of your browser's scrollbars. But this trick works only in IE and not any modern browsers.

You just have to add some lines of CSS in the element, whose scrollbar color you want to change. If you want to change the color of the main scroll bar of the browser, then add these lines to the body tag in the CSS.

body {
scrollbar-arrow-color: #000000;
scrollbar-base-color: #00CCFF;
scrollbar-face-color: #0099FF;
scrollbar-highlight-color: #00CCFF;
scrollbar-shadow-color: #00CCFF;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: #00CCFF;
scrollbar-track-color: #00CCFF;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #00CCFF;

Now change the colors as per your website design and template. Now you will be happy to see your browser being incorporated within your website to match in looks and style.

How to detect user's Browser in JavaScript - Which Browser your visitor is using?

Many times you will need to show up different messages or include different elements according to the browser your user is using. For this you need to detect which Browser you visitor is using to browse your Website. There are many techniques to detect user's browsers, here we will detect browsers through JavaScript. Enclose these codes in the Script tag for JavaScript.

//Detect Firefox
var versionindex=navigator.userAgent.indexOf(”Firefox”)+8
if (parseInt(navigator.userAgent.charAt(versionindex))>=1)
alert(”You are using Firefox 1.x or above”)

//Detect Netscape 4.7+
if (navigator.appName==”Netscape”&&parseFloat(navigator.appVersion)>=4.7)
alert(”You are using Netscape 4.7+”)

//Detect Opera
var versionindex=navigator.userAgent.indexOf(”Opera”)+6
if (parseInt(navigator.userAgent.charAt(versionindex))>=8)
alert(”You are using Opera 8 or 9″)

//Detect IE5.5+
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf(”MSIE”)!=-1){

if (version>=5.5) //NON IE browser will return 0
alert(”You’re using IE5.5+”)

So from now start making your websites look 100% accurate in every browsers since you can select different CSS files for different browsers.
If you want to know about browser specific CSS Hacks please see this Article on Browser Specific CSS Hacks. Here you can learn CSS techniques to display your website perfectly on different browsers and operating systems through some nice CSS hacks.

CSS Hacks - Writing Browser specific CSS codes

Why are CSS Hacks needed ?

CSS are widely used now a days but the main problem with CSS is lack of Browser support. CSS Hacks are needed to display your website properly and exactly how you ant it to be. Many browsers display different elements differently. You can fix them up through CSS Hacks for different browsers.

What are CSS Hacks ?

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are used in a website for styling different html elements. CSS are used widely and are a essential part of a website today. If you don't know CSS you can consult any CSS tutorial available anywhere. But while using CSS and testing your website in different browsers, you may had seen that your website looks different in some browsers. Many browsers may break your elements display styles, making your website looking ugly and unusable. You can use different CSS hacks for different browsers to show up your website exactly how you want it to be.

Every designers know after designing any website, the most of the time they have to give is on cross-browser testing and debugging. Making a website not makes all the sense of showing it to the world. but preparing it for the whole world is matter of challenge these days. Lots of browsers and Operating Systems have came into being. The most problematic browser so far is Microsoft Internet Explorer. Making your CSS Website compatible with Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) has been the most irritative task for a designer. I am also a Designer ans know its issues very well.

Here are some hacks for Internet Explorer:

To show some code only to IE use the // Hack.
margin: 20px;
//margin: 10px;

The second line of the code will only be processed by IE and not by Firefox or Opera or Netscape. So by this way you will have margin of 10px in IE and 20px in all other browsers.

To hide something from IE use the child selector command. IE don't understand this child selector command. A child selector command is a command through which we select the child element of a parent html element, as simple as html>body means we are selecting the body element which is the child of the html element.
#wrapper {margin: 10px;}
html>body #wrapper {margin: 20px;}

IE can't understand the second line and ignores it and uses the 1st line. all other browsers understands this and uses the second line.

Detecting IE 5

IE 5 has a typical problem in its box model i.e. when you define padding, border and margin of an element, IE 5 calculates it within the element's width and thus incorporates a smaller size element than other browsers. Here is a solution to detect IE 5.
#wrapper {padding: 2px; border: 1px; width: 56px; voice-family: "\"}\"";
voice-family:inherit; width: 50px;}

Here IE 5 will detect only the 1st part and will present an element with 4px of padding in both side and 2px of border on both side making it 50px wide from 56px. All other browsers will by default present a 50px wide element from the second line.

Hiding anything from IE on the MAC Operating System

To something from IE on the Mac OS, wrap it within a set of starts and dashes.
/* This will hide from IE on Mac \*/
#wrapper {margin: 10px;}
#content {margin: 20px;}
/* End hide */

Detecting Netscape Browser

Individual element hacking for Netscape has been very much non essential for designers since its market share has been below 1%, and now AOL has stopped development and active support on this browser. Read this article to know more about that. So you can hide a total CSS from Netscape and show it another CSS. Use @import to call a CSS file to hide it from Netscape. Enclose these codes in Script tag of CSS.
@import url(style.css);

Writing Opera specific CSS Hacks

There is no exact CSS hack for Opera. For Opera so you have to implement another procedure. Thats is you just include another CSS file for Opera. Detect Opera at the header of your site, just before including your CSS file. Enclose these codes in Script tag of JavaScript.

if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf(’Opera’) != -1) {
else {

So from now you will never face any cross-browser Design problems. All problems you can solve out through these browser specific CSS hacks. it you still face any problem report me, I will try to solve it out.

Hacking Orkut - Flood anyone's scrapbook with unlimited scraps

Hi guys, many times you spend much time over Orkut, searching for friends, scraping each other and having fun. Here is one tool that will help your 'Orkuting' very much. If you are trying to scrap anyone more than 1 times (may be 100 times), you can now do it easily and very fast in just one step. This is a simple hack to Orkut's code which enables you with the power to scrap repeatedly in anyone's scrapbook.

Try this Orkut Scrapbook Flooder, as scrap anyone as many as you wish.Try it Now. Follow these steps and it will work easily.

1. Open your friends' profile whom you want to scrap and go to his/her scrapbook.
2. In the scrapbox type whatever you want to scrap. Just type it but don't post it.
3. Copy this line

Paste this line in the address bar(where you type http://www.orkut.com) of your browser, replacing whatever is there.
4. Then hit enter.
All done. You will see that the page is loading again and again. It means the script is posting scraps repeatedly for you.
This is a good way get anyone's attention.

Note: Don't use this Orkut hack to disturb anyone. This has been released just for fun.

Hacking Orkut - Scrap Helper to scrap anyone fast and easily in Firefox

Orkut, one of the most popular Social Networking websites, has raised a storm in the coffee cup of teenagers these days. Though Orkut has been also popular among smugglers and drug dealers (some also include terrorists), it has been a place to hang out for the youth. One of its attracting features is scrapping. You can scrap anyone in their scarpbook, to tell them something and to connect to them in Orkut. All the scraps listed on an user's profile are visible to everyone. But this is much tedious and with much click-throughs.

Firefox now brings a cool and interesting solution to fast and easy scrapping in Orkut. Firefox brings an add-on for its browser, through which you can scrap anyone easily and in no time from your scrapbook. You will not need to go to their scrapbook anymore to scarp them.

You can find the add-on here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2579. Download this add-on and install it in your Firefox and now scrap anyone more and much more easily. Very much useful during conversation and chatting in scarpbooks.

Tell me what do you think about this add-on from Firefox.

Support for Netscape Browser Closed by AOL

Ya, you heard it right. The support for Netscape browsers has been stopped for future. AOL, formerly known as America Online, is one of the most ancient companies to put people on the internet. America's largest Internet Service Provider AOL, during its course of operation, has acquired many small and big companies. The largest acquisition had been that of Netscape Communications Corporation. Ya, Netscape Communications Corporation, leader in web browsing of that time, had developed many useful internet tools, suites, services and softwares. Their most popular product was Netscape Communicator Suite, which promised to change the contemporary web browsing experience. They were in a period of converting Netscape Communicator into an open source software, by the name of Mozilla. Ya the name that you have heard so much, Mozilla, was developed that time. It became more promising to its users.

But suddenly AOL realizes that Netscape was not able to be a success as much expected. AOL's target to get on to the market share, which had been possessed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer, was going in vain. By the time Firefox gained its market share and impressed AOL. So now AOL is deciding to stop further development on Netscape and asking its users to switch on to Firefox. Mozilla being a strong foundation by AOL, served its goal and now being used by many developers and web surfers all around the globe.

Now don't think that Netscape Navigator will no more be usable. It is usable and 'browsable' as it was before. They had continued releasing any kind of security patches and updates for their current version of the browser, till February 1, 2008. After that they were to stop active support to Netscape Browser. But I saw a notice that they had closed their support to Netscape Navigator on 1st May, 2008. They are continuously appealing their users to use Firefox instead of Netscape. They are also suggesting to users who are pretty much accustomed with Netscape, to use a Netscape theme on Firefox, which will give them the same environment. The theme can be downloaded here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/56836

Still if you have any questions, they have retained their support forum at: http://community.netscape.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ws-nscpbrowser&redirCnt=1 anfd another site at: http://www.ufaq.org

The Netscape Browser is still available to be downloaded and used at their official website at: http://www.netscape.com
So you can use it still, but at your own risk. Thats what AOL is telling you. I don't know why they closed support, may be due to their development cease, or due to their full concentration on Mozilla products. I may had said that it may be due to their uncontrollable bug reports from the product, but I think thats not the case is. Cause i had been using this product for more than 2 years and found it accomplishing its job well.