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iPhone Vs. Android: How Do They Compare?

Google's Nexus 4: A closer look at Android's new flagship phone

Being an Android fan is a bit like being a kid in a candy store today. Along with its new Android 4.2 Jelly Beanrelease and all the new features it delivers, Google has officially launched two brand new Nexus devices: the Nexus 4, a highly anticipated new flagship phone, and the Nexus 10, a high-end 10-inch tablet made by Samsung.
Let's take an up-close look at the Nexus 4, shall we? The phone combines the basic structure of LG's Optimus G with Google's own design sentiments andpure Android software. Get ready, gang: This phone promises to provide the ultimate Android experience -- and it very well may have the goods to deliver.
Nexus 4: LG's hardware with Google's design
Google LG NexusYou can clearly see LG's Optimus G foundation in the Nexus 4, but make no mistake about it: This is a Nexus phone through and through. The Nexus 4 rocks a 4.7-in. True HD IPS display with the familiar Nexus-style curved glass. At a glance, its form actually looks very much like that of the Galaxy Nexus that preceded it.
Thinking about size? The Nexus 4 is 2.7 x 5.3 in. and 0.36 in. thick. It weighs 4.9 oz. Despite its larger screen, then, that actually makes it almost the same size and weight as the Galaxy Nexus -- just a hair thicker and a skosh heavier, but probably not enough to be terribly noticeable.
The larger screen is far from the only thing that separates the new Nexus phone from its younger brother, though. In general, LG's build with this line of devices feels far more solid and substantial than the plasticky-style approach favored by Samsung. The Nexus 4 puts a Googley twist on LG's distinctive back-of-phone design, with a sleek and premium-looking patterned material reminiscent of the classic Nexus wallpaper look.
Outward aesthetics aside, the Nexus 4's screen has a resolution of 1280 x 768 with 320ppi, all protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. Based on the time I spent with the Optimus G, which uses the same display technology, I expect the image quality on this thing to be wildly impressive.
And that's just the start.
Nexus 4: Power, power, power
LG Nexus 4Under its hood, the new Nexus 4 packs a 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor along with a full 2GB of RAM. With that setup, the Optimus G zooms along as fast as any Android phone I've seen; combining it with pure Google software should deliver comparable -- and quite possibly even better -- levels of ridiculous speed.
The Nexus 4 has an 8-megapixel camera -- certainly a huge step up from the Galaxy Nexus's 5-megapixel lens, which was widely viewed as that device's Achilles' heel. If the Optimus G is any indication, I suspect the Nexus 4's camera will be good, though likely less good than the super-high-end cameras used on phones like HTC's One X and One S. The Nexus 4 also has a 1.3-megapixel shooter on its front for video chat and all those self-nudie pics you're always taking (you silly, silly pervert).
The Nexus 4 comes with either 8GB or 16GB of internal storage, and --following the typical Nexus model -- unfortunately does not support SD cards. It does support wireless charging, though, and will have an incredibly slick-looking wireless charging orb (yes, orb) accessory.
The Nexus 4 has a 2100mAh battery that's listed for 15.3 hours of talk-time and 390 hours of standby.
Nexus 4: The nitty-gritty
All right, let's get down to brass tacks: Google is focusing primarily on direct unlocked sales of the Nexus 4, which isn't a huge surprise after the Verizon Galaxy Nexus debacle. You'll be able to grab GSM/HSPA+ versions of the phone starting November 13 from the Google Play Store. (There is no LTE version -- something Android head honcho Andy Rubin describes as a "tactical" decision.)
Translation? For those of us in the U.S., the phone will work on either T-Mobile or AT&T with HSPA+-level 4G speeds; you'll buy the device outright from Google and then use it either with your existing plan or a new plan. You can also opt to use it with a prepaid smartphone plan -- something I'd strongly suggest considering.
The 8GB version of the device will be available for $300 and the 16GB version for $350. The phone will launch initially in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Spain, and Australia; Google says Europe, Central and South America, Asia, CIS and the Middle East will follow later in the month.
(In the U.S., T-Mobile will also sell the 16GB version of the phone for $200 with a new two-year contract. Between you and me, though, most people will do far better by buying directly from Google and then picking a usage-appropriate plan without the contract.)
Android Power TwitterSome start to the week, eh? And we're barely even scratching the surface. I'll be spending a lot of time with the Nexus 4 as well as the Nexus 10 over the next several days and will be sharing my detailed hands-on impressions with you soon.
Keep an eye on Android Power for updates or join me over on Google+ if you want to chat about this stuff even more.

Apple prepares to reveal iPad mini as experts claim it could cost as little as £200 - and kill off competition from Google and Amazon

At 6pm tomorrow evening, Apple boss Tim Cook is set to take to the stage in a San Jose theatre to introduce Apple's latest blockbuster product - a mini tablet set to fend off competition from Amazon’s Kindle Fire and a raft of relatively cheap smaller tablet computers.
The shrunken iPad is rumoured to have a screen that is 7.8inches across the diagonal – which compares to 9.7 on the original version.
Tech watchers suggest the device – like the latest incarnation of the iPhone – will work on the superfast 4G mobile network that will launch next week in the UK.
Is this the finished iPad Mini? a leaked photo shows the purported mini on top of a full sized iPad for comparison
Is this the finished iPad Mini? a leaked photo shows the purported mini on top of a full sized iPad for comparison

Apple is said to be planning to charge £200 for the smaller version, which is around half the price of the cheapest iPad 3.
However, it will remain considerably more expensive than Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which costs £129, and the higher specification Kindle Fire HD, which is £159.
Amazon has suggested it is selling its tablets at a loss in order to get it into the hands of families. 
The idea is that it can then cash in through sales of a vast library of books, music, films and TV programmes.
Apple’s innovative phones, tablets and computers have always come with a hefty price premium, while its rise to become the world’s most valuable company has been fuelled by sales through its vast iTunes store.
Jason Jenkins, the editor of CNET UK, said: ‘If the leaks are correct, we can expect Apple to announce an iPad mini that’s more like a shrunk-down iPad 2 than an iPad 3.
‘It should have a 7.8-inch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 768. It will have the new, smaller Lightning port seen on the iPhone 5, which means you’ll need to buy a converter to plug it into any equipment that uses the old-style, large Apple plug.
‘I am expecting it to come in around the £200 mark, which would enable Apple to compete with the avalanche of cheap tablets appearing in the shops from Google, Amazon and others.
‘With Amazon selling a 7-inch tablet for just £129, though, Apple is going to going to have a real fight on its hands as it attempt to dominate the tablet market in Europe in the way it has until now.’
It is thought that Apple will also launch a tweaked version of the iPad 3 that works on the UK’s 4G network.  


Apple's yet-to-be-announced iPad Mini has apparently been revealed in full for the first time in the best set of pictures yet leaked on the internet.
Sonny Dickson, a researcher for fansite 9to5mac.com, published the images on his Twitter feed last week, sparking a wave of excitement among Apple enthusiasts.
The images (above and below) show a device that is significantly smaller than the regular iPad.
According to rumours it boasts a 7.85in liquid crystal display, making it a rival to Google's Nexus 7 and Amazon's Kindle Fire.
The images also show the iPad Mini utilises the controversial new connector introduced with the iPhone 5, which has made all accessories available to previous Apple gadgets obsolete at a stroke.
It emerged yesterday that Apple had instructed suppliers in China to manufacture 10million of the new smaller tablet computers, showing faith in their product in the face of stiff competition.
Insiders say the iPad Mini will be announced on October 17, a few days from the releases of Amazon's Kindle Fire and Microsoft's Surface tablets, and go on sale November 2.
As yet, however, Apple has not officially confirmed any of the reports, rumours of leaks about a smaller iPad.
Apple's 9-inch device dominates the market, but smaller, cheaper tablets have been eating away at the iPad's popularity. 
Changes: This picture, leaked by the same source, compares the new connector on the iPad Mini with the old version as seen on previous versions of the iPad
Changes: This picture, leaked by the same source, compares the new connector on the iPad Mini with the old version as seen on previous versions of the iPad
The launch comes in a week of hi-tech product releases.
Amazon has already enjoyed huge success in the US with its updated Fire tablets - but will release them internationally for the first time on the 25th October. 
The gadgets, are available in both 7-inch and 8.9-inch versions (although only the 7-inch version is currently set to go o sale outside of the US).
Microsoft is also launching its Surface tablets on the 26th, when Google is also believed to be revealing new tablets and software.


IPAD MINI (expected specs)KINDLE FIRE HD
7.85inch screen (iPad 2 pictured below)
specifications unknown
7inch screen
12800x800 display 
11 hour battery life
50,000 apps in Amazon appstore
Price unknownFrom £129 ($199)
HD front cameras
HD front facing camera
Hand holding iPad 2 showing applications menu screen.

Kindle Fire HD - 8.9
10.6inch screen
Case can double as keyboard
7inch screen
1440 x 900 HD LCD
11 hour battery life
50,000 apps in Amazon appstore
£399 to £599From £159 ($199)
HD front facing camera

Nook HD

The Mini launch comes as research suggests a quarter of us - 22 per cent - own a tablet, with another three per cent regularly borrowing someone else's tablet for web browsing.
About 68 per cent of the 9,5123 adults surveyed said they purchased their tablet within the last year.
The U.S. survey by the Pew Research Center also suggests the flood of cheaper tablets, such as the Google Nexus or Amazon Fire, are weakening Apple's grip on the market.
A year ago, Apple had more than 80 per cent of the market, but this has now dropped to less around 52 per cent.
The Kindle Fire has 21 per cent of the market, meanwhile Samsung's Galaxy tablet has eight per cent.
Out of those surveyed, 44 per cent of adults who said they have a smartphone, 46 per cent have an Android phone, 38 per cent, have an iPhone and 10 per cent have a Blackberry.


Steve Jobs famously ruled on a smaller iPad, saying 'The current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA, dead on arrival.
'We don't think you can make a great tablet with a 7-inch screen.'
However, devices like the Amazon Kindle and Google's Nexus 7 have shown that there is a market for smaller devices that consumers can use on public transport, causing Apple to reportedly change its mind on an 'iPad mini' with a 7 or 8 inch screen.

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